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Spiritual Philosophy

Spiritual revelations from meditation

SthreeLaya – A place for the rehabilitation of women and their immediate families


  1. To Relieve Suffering and prevent sexual abuse in Women and their immediate families.
  2. To reintegrate these Women and their immediate families in society as independent functioning capable people.

Entrance Criteria:

  1. For women and their immediate chosen families
  2. Women and their Families undergoing intense suffering and/or sexual abuse
  3. Wanting to change, seeking assistance.
  4. May have either:
    1. Mental Illness
    2. Drug Abuse
    3. Lack of resources/support
    4. Outcasted/Discriminated Against
    5. Low Education
    6. Isolated
    7. Homeless

Exclusion Criteria:

  1. Wealthy
  2. Those who have Access to genuine supports (Relatives or Friends)


Multidisciplinary Team Setting

Both inpatient and outpatient settings

Consisting of:

  • Psychiatrist
  • Social Worker
  • Nurse
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Psychologist/Psychotherapist
  • Lawyer
  • Teacher

Therapeutic Rehabilitation at Sthreelaya is to be delivered in a gender appropriate, sensitive and caring manner with a view to rehabilitate and re-integrate into society through kindness, wisdom, support and where necessary medication.

A concept conceived by Dr Mithilesh Dronavalli.

Proof of Maths through Logic!

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A true statement is true if it is true no matter what or when. To disprove a true statement we can use observation or reason.
Till disproven all is true. The opposite of a true statement is Not True. So reasoning and observation are required to disprove statements.
Maths is true until a part gets disproven and then that part gets removed and then maths is always true by iteration. Proof of Maths through Logic!!!!!!!
By Dr Mithilesh Dronavalli


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Psychiatry is an inspiration to my life

Helping Healing Catharsis Transformation

Are wonders and the essence of life


Caring for others and showing that you care

For every stranger that comes to you

For every person needs understanding at times


Watching them recover &

regain what was lost

In this partly evil existence

To see them mellow

Knowing the world cares

Oh to heal the Soul!

LOVE vs evil

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LOVE vs evil

In the beginning, there was LOVE
Love created the universe
The stars the planets
Mother Earth was created
By love for humanity

Love created every soul
Each soul had all power
And perfection of that
Infinite universal love
Each soul is pure love
Every person is love

Every soul or person had
The infinite potential of love
Interesting forces were created
For the happiness of the people
Utopian Love always

For no reason
The force of evil arose
Evil a force unto itself
Enjoys others suffering
Deceives at others expense
Eternally abusing humanity

Once created, beings and forces
Can be active or sleep but never die
Each soul is eternal as is all
But evil can be put to sleep forevermore

Deactivating evil requires LOVE and Effort
All humanity must fight evil
By caring for each other
Moral interconnectedness of society

By Mithilesh Dronavalli

Mana Thelugu Bhaasha – My Thelugu Language

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1. Thelugu soundharyam
aneka nakshathraala
Kavithaa -aanadhamu

1. The beauty of my language Thelugu
Is the happiness of poetry
From countless stars

2. Premaayanam palike
Bhaasha Maha Bhaasha
Mana Thelugu Bhaasha

2. Telugu is the great language
That speaks the story of Love

3. Dhevathala paliki
Aaraadhinche Ee Bhaasha
Mana Thelugu Bhaasha

3. Goddesses speak and praise and are devoted
To this Thelugu language

4. Kailaasam nunchi Kanyakumari
Varaku moghe pavithra kala
Mana Thelugu Bhaasha

4. From the Himaalaayas
to the southern tip of India
The divine art that is Thelugu
is heard loud and clear

5. Varashaalu kurupinche
Nadhulu ponginche
Paramaaandham Mana
Thelugu Bhaasha

5. The monsoons come
The rivers overflow
With divine Happiness
For my Thelugu

6. Shrushti mundhu shrushtinichina
Kaalam thiriginchina bhaasha
Mana Thelugu bhaasha

6. Thelugu was created
before the universe was created
Thelugu can turn back time
As it is beyond time

7. Kalakaalam thama
Aalochana sulochana
Kaavyam sangeetham palukula
Mana Thelugu Bhaasha Aahwaanam

7. Eternally Thelugu invites & awaits
Your thinking & sweet deep thoughts
Your poetry and your songs
Your every word
To be composed, spoken,
sung & written in Thelugu


Universal Concepts That Everyone Should Believe In

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Universal Concepts – Unordered:

  1. Safety

  2. Basic Necessities

  3. Togetherness with love and chosen family and friendship

  4. Love and Chosen Family and friendship

  5. Respect Women/Vulnerable/Kids

  6. Universal ethical freedom

  7. Financial Independence

  8. Teaching and Learning

  9. Play Have Fun

  10. Destroy Evil

  11. Wisdom

  12. Music and Song

  13. Helping People

  14. Kindness and Caring

  15. Decent dance and art

  16. Respect committed relationships and intimacy

  17. Charity and giving to others and sharing

  18. Devotion

  19. Romance and Enchantment

  20. Inspiration and Interest

  21. Concern for the environment

  22. Chosen Brother Sister Relationship

  23. Courage and Bravery

  24. Goodness and universal love

  25. Knowledge

  26. Ethically Discovery

  27. Wonderful Magic

  28. Miracles

SynthSastram-Keystroke is a clever synthesizer that is completely free and legal and that works of your normal typing keyboard to play Carnatic music just like a midi keyboard.


windows PC

Does not work on WinXP. Preferably windows 7-10

Thats it.

No MIDI Keyboard Required.

Keystrokes  for Keyboard are listed in the application.
You can go up or down an octave by pressing up or down.

Just Unzip and run the exe file
Load the Carnatic tuning file in MSPExport (Comes with the Zip file)
Increase the volume and the keystroke volume.
Choose the audio output.
Transpose the Shruti by increasing or decreasing the offset on the oscillator. Feel free to play around with the settings.
Try: Lin 4 Quad for VCA. Put a small offest on the LPF around 4. Transpose to correct shruti using oscillator Play around with the different wave patterns.

Thats it

Have the funnest time:

http://www.sastram.com/apps/SynthSastramKS.zip (85mb file)

For a deeper explanation of pitch in Carnatic music download my tuning file in xlsx.
See link: http://www.sastram.com/CarnaticPitch.xlsx

Made on Max 7.

For Max7 users the original patch is in the zip file.

Introducing SynthSastram7 by Dr Mithilesh Dronavalli (a Telugu person born in Gudivada Andhra Pradesh India)

This is a standalone app created under MAx MSP 7.0 and distributed freely.

This synth plays Carnatic Tuned Music. Formula is based on 3/2 (Pa) and 4/3 (Ma) Ma-Pa Cycling


1. Laptop with Windows.

Does not work on WinXP. Preferably windows 7-10
2. MIDI Keyboard

Thats it.

Steps to Use:

1. Download the Zip File : http://www.sastram.com/SynthSastram7.zip (85mb file)
2. Unzip
3. Run the exe file. (After double-clicking You may need to click more info and accept to run the exe file as it from me an “Unknown Publisher”)
4. Click Read and load BalaSankhyaMSP or anyother SnakhyMSP file in the directory under SankhyaCalculations.
5. Make sure MIDI is working
6. Increase the volume to very high or max.
7. Double click dac~ and select your output.

You are ready.

SynthSastram7 is a synth that allows the musician to play in Carnatic Tuning via Sankhya. A sankhya is a set of specific tuning values for the 12 notes in a western keyboard or harmoniam.

By changing predefined Sankhya we can play any Raagam in Carnatic Music.

The Sankhya I have made so far are:

Bala Sankhya – See Raagam, Sankarabharanam, Maaramalvagowla, Kalyani, Hindholam,
Khambjoi Sankhya – Uses a higher Anthara Gandhaaram suited for Khamboji.
Nattai Sankhya – Uses Shathushruthi Rishabham for Nattai
Gaula Sankhya – Used a lower Suddha Rishabham for Gaula.

There are exaggerated versions of these sankhya that are derived from the second cycle of MaPa.

For a deeper explanation open the xls file title Final_Carnatic_Pitch v2

Blog Moved To Twitter @DrTruthMD Dr Mit Dronavalli

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Only long posts will be posted here.

All philosophical statements/discoveries will be posted on twitter under @DrTruthMD name: Dr Mit Dronavalli

12th March 2016

Signing off

Dr Mithilesh Dronavalli

Vaamana is not a Vishnu Avathaar

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A story from history is about a great King named Bali Chakravarthy.

He created a utopia for demons and developed a cultured civilisation with family values. Bali Chakravarthy wanted to take over Indhra’s swargam which is a sleazy world of pleasures. Indhra’s was weak and full of lust so he could not conquer Bali Chakravarthy.

Indhra resided to trickery and teamed up with Vamana. Indhra spread the news that Vamana was a Vishnu Avathaar and Vishnu is the God of preservation.

Vaamana went to Bali Chakravarthy in the form of a midget holy person. Bali Chakravarthy welcomed Vaamana to his kingdom and honoured him. Bali Chakravarthy’s advisor and mentor Shukra-Acharya was also fooled into believing Vaamana was a Vishnu Avathaar. Shukra-Aacharya advised Bali Chakravarthy to not fall for the traps of Vaamana the Vishnu Avathaara.

So Vaamana asked Bali Chakravarthy for 3 footsteps of land so that he could meditate on it. Bali Chakravarthy thinking Vaamana was the lord Vishnu gave Vaamana his wish out of pure and enormous devotion to Lord Vishnu.

By bending Bali Chakravarthy’s will to Vaamana, Vaamana gained immense power and rose to an enormous giant. With one step he covered the Earth, with the second step he covered the sky. Vaamana said I have covered all that you have to Bali Chakravarthy in 2 steps and Vaamana asked where shall he place the third step.

Bali Chakravarthy, a man of his word, said place your third footstep on my head. So Vaamana wth Bali Chakravathy’s consent placed his 3rd footstep on Bali Chakravarthy’s head and destroyed him.

I argue that Vishnu does not destroy the devotee nor the person who tries to create a utopia in the universe as Vishnu is the lord of preservation. Therefore Vaamana is not a Vishnu Avathaar.

Vaamana was a swindler who teamed up with the weak and sleazy Indhra. He conned Bali Chakravarthy by using Bali Chakravarthy’s devotion against him.

In the Vishnu Sahasranamam or the thousand names of Vishnu, Vishnu is described as Viswam Or the Universe. Viswam Vishnur.

Of the great Paramaathma or God who is the force of goodness and love, Vishnu arises when the filter of preservation and sustenance is applied to God. All that exists in the universe exists because the force of preservation has preserved it. That is why Vishnu is the Universe. Vishnu is everywhere in the universe as Vishnu preserves all. Vishnu is neither male nor female, but Vishnu is depicted as such for our understanding. Vishnu is the preserving energy in the universe.

Dont believe people when they are referred to as Vishnu Avathaars. Vishnu is preserving energy that prevails through all souls. Souls have the ability to make choices, Vishnu preserves and is the universe. See the difference.

Everyone is capable of doing anything they want, but we each restrict other people’s wants by our own wants. No soul is Vishnu. Souls may have Vishnu tendencies and I can assure you Vaamana did not have Vishnu tendencies. Vaamana was a trickster. Creating a utopia and being devoted are not something Vishnu punishes.

Think Logically.



Policies for a better India….

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Policies for a better India…..

Improve safety of women, by hiring more police on parole. Advertising campaigns on equality of women to grow.

Female/Male Toilets in all public places, schools & toilets in homes.

Ban indecency, vulgarity and porn on all forms of media in and entering India including Internet, films, TV, cable and satellite.

Free breakfast and lunch at all backward schools. Healthy kids stay focused in class. Improve teaching standards in government schools.

Reduce and stop corruption, make black money into white money and increase tax revenues. Bring back honesty. Increase wages for the poor

Tax revenue rather than profit for large companies.

Stop all coal production. Phase out coal mines with increased solar. Pay public for current put on grid from house solar cells. Invest in solar battery research.

Write off every years loss made by farmers and streamline farming. Set minimum prices for crops.
Replace all wooden stoves with gas or other clean cooking method.

Improve access to essential primary care, vaccines, awareness of public health, access to healthy food & activity.

Get literacy and numeracy rate and year 12 grad rate to 100%. Everyone who wants to go to university should go to university even if poor with government funding. Stop all donation seats to everything, anyone can study whatever they want, but they still need to fairly pass their degrees.

After grace period for black to white money conversion SEIZE all black money in foreign and Indian accounts that is black.

Increase public transport to the max with max road rights going to affordable public transport. Saturate demand for public transport.

Ban anyone with criminal history from j being elected. Make all accounts of public servants and politician visible to all.

Make Aadhar card mandatory and link it to secure password protected centralised electronic medical record to prevent med fraud. Electronic Medical Records will reduce duplication of tests improve communications and advance medical research.

Loving togetherness

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The more we love someone the more likely they will be together with us in one way or another. Love persistently seeks togetherness always

Our Family Prayer

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Friday, 4 December 2015

9:03 AM

As long as the work is for goodness, then I can do it. India is where I want to live with Nuclear Family STATJ and others SRTc

Safe Together Alive Themselves Joyous – STATJ

Safe – Remember Relationship True Communication SRTc

Pray for my&all chosen families

Pray that all people are good

Pray all women and children are STATJ

Pray all good men are STATJ

To Torture sexual abusers

To Destroy all Evil and evil tendencies

To destroy traits of Sexual abuse

To promote Goodness & love

To bring lovers together

To do this prayer close your eyes and repeat “Our Family”.

Pray to the God of goodness and love.

Shubhaan Allah Pyaar Hua Allah

Pray for the ideal

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You never have to accept less bad tradeoffs from evil. Always hope for your highest expectations.

Prayer for My family and All Souls

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My Chosen Family and other Families should be:
Safe, Remember Each Other, Have True Communication with each other. – SRTc
Safe Together Alive Themselves Joyous – STATJ
Promote Love
Promote family formation
Promote Goodness
All souls should be sale themselves good and joyous
Change those who do not respect women or contravene Pasoonam Pathim -(passion only with committed romantic partner) into those who are committed to Pasoonam Pathim and who do respect women.

By Mithilesh Dronavalli

My India

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A time will come
When living in India
will be the aspiration
And supreme joy
of Everyone in the Universe
Jaya Bhaarathi……..

Saraswathi Namsthubhyam

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Saraswathi namasthubhyam varadhe gnyaana rupini

Vidhyaarambham karishyaami siddhir bhavathu mesadhaa

Padhma pathra visaalaakshi padhma kesari varnahi

Bhagavathi bhaarathi purnendhu bimbaanana


Dhevi suloochana karunaa mayi  aalochana karunaa kari

Thrailokya mahaa kaari

Shiva gaana raksha samrakshini

saamaaam paathu Saraswathi


Shiva sree sakhi swara raaga pushpam

Bhava bhaava bhakthi dhaiva keerthanam

Thaala Layaa prathyaeka Paramaam

Vaibhavam Saraswathi Naatya sangeetham


Dhevi buddhi gnyaana paraspara sugandhi pushpam

Vidhya vaidhya varna samekshu saaram

Sree kailaasa nivaasa paramaam pathneem

Ganitha Ganatha maheswari mahaa sarveswari


Nee vignyaana vidhya adhwaitha simhaasanam

Nee raajanam mahaa nakshathra dhivyasaagaram

Saraswathi kamala hrudhaya Maheshwara vimochana margam

Sree devi Kalki sakhi saama gaana asamaana sanmudhitham

Saraswathi  uthhama samsaara  punyaathmamaan


Jaya Saraswathi Shaaradha

Vaani Dhevi Vaibhava Sulochani

Nataraaja paramaam pathni


From 2nd-6th  paragraph composed by Dr Mithilesh Dronavalli

Two tribes theory

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One tribe believed in being self sustainable, hunting and gathering only what they needed. People were considered as equal and everything was considered free without material ownership. It was a fair community and everyone’s existence was inter-meshed. The sick were cared by the community and everyone belonged to a community.

Another tribe believes in accumulation, more wealth and a hierarchy of people base on worth. The most important people were at the top and those without wealth or skills were at the bottom. No one helped each other out, but competed to get to the top. the sick were considered a burden to the community and there was a big gap between rich and poor. Everything was seen as a possession and stored with a value.

Which tribe would you like to belong to, the equal tribe or the hierarchy tribe?

Would you change your mind if the equal tribe was the Aboriginal Australian way of life and the hierarchy tribe was Western Civilization?

Think about it.


Treating people as equal.

Helping those in need.

Avoiding superfluous accumulation for the future

Enjoying the here and now.

All the joy,

Mithilesh Dronavalli



Punyam paid later vs Food needed now!

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Ethical work earns its own reward,

which is paid at some point in time.

But we need food&shelter everyday

OhGod,Life is tough

Increase Revenue instead of decreasing expenses.

The Australian Government should stop trying to cut costs and think of ways to increase revenue.

1. Encourage start-ups via incubators and tax cuts for new businesses employing more Australian employees.
2. Increase taxes for the high earning bracket.
3. Increase migration of skilled migrants.
4. Cut loopholes by Multinational companies abusing the tax system by transferring profits to island nations like the Bahamas.
5. Make Australia attractive to foreign investment.
6. Privatising Coal power plants.
7. Invest in renewable power.
8. Implement the Carbon tax so industry has to pay for abusing the environment.

We are not a poor nation, stop being a miser Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Get your accounts in order by increasing revenue.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr Mithilesh Dronavalli
Public Health Medicine Registrar

The Future of your life.

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What happens in life, in society and in the universe  is a mix of good, evil and other energies that are the influence of other souls and our own choices…. Always….

Types of Health Intervention and their Evaluation

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Types of Health Intervention and their Evaluation

Evaluating Interventions
1. Comparative effectiveness Methodology
(Quantitative Data Analysis using the principles of causal inference)

2. Qualitative Research -eg, interviewing,
using words rather than numbers

3. Critical Appraisal of Literature
– Logically Assessing the work of others.

Types of interventions for improving Health.

A) Pharmacological Interventions

B) Psychological
1. Psychotherapy
2. Counselling

C) Physics Interventions
1. Electroconlusive Therapy
2. Magnetic Resonancing Therapy
3. Radiotherapy

D) Anatomically Invasive Intervention
1. Surgical
2. Percutaneous
3. Endoscopic

E) Allied Health Interventions
1. Physiotherapy
2. Occupational Therapy
3. Social Work
4. Optometry
5. Dentistry
6. Dietetics

F) Public Health
1. Health and General Education
2. Market, Economic Interventions
3. Political, Legal, health policy
4. Financial Intervention
5. Entertainment
6. Job Creation
7. Encouraging Businesses
8. Changes in Taxation
9. Changes in Interest Rate
10. Changes in Government Spending
11. Vaccinations
12. Sanitation
13. Environmental Protection
14. Quarantining

By Dr Mithilesh Dronavalli

Being an Indian everywhere

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What is great is enriching your life with Indian culture wherever you are. India is the universe, be Indian with our culture

Control Your Own Destiny!!!

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Look here, I say take life into our own hands. Don’t wait for Astrology to change our life. Love, Pray, Think and Do…

Prayer for:

1) Loka Kalyanam:
May all souls find their true love and may they get married and live together with their loving chosen family forever…

2) May all souls be protected by evil…

The Australian Government should invest in incubators that promote start-ups who provide services to the International Market and the Australian market.

The government incubators should provide the technological infrastructure for these startups so that these startups can provide global solutions.

Investing in incubators will achieve economies of scale as you are providing the same services to many startups.

This would reduce the large overheads that Australian startups have to face in the Australian environment.

By focusing on the global market there is much more demand for your services than just the 23 million people in Australia.

This will create new jobs, increase Government revenues and increase economic growth. This policy will also improve the balance of trade figures for the Australian economy.

In Australia lets help our businesses thrive….

By Dr Mithilesh Dronavalli​

Proposed Master of Biostatistics – By Dr Mithilesh Dronavalli MBBS/BMedSc MBios MPhil(Epi)

The following is an ideal plan for a Master of Biostatistics that would prepare people for well for the world of biostatistics, coming up with new methods and analysing data.

Assumes Basic First yr Single Variable Calculus and  Basic First yr Linear Algebra.

Semester 1

Multivariable Calculus

Real Analysis

Intro to Mathematical Statistics

Data Management in Stata/SAS/R


Semester 2


Statistical Inference

Miscellaneous Methods (Linear Regression, Surveys, Inter-rater Agreement, Meta-Analysis)

Measure Theory


Semester 3

Differential Equations

Group Theory

Generalised Linear Models

Design of Experiments


Semester 4

Longitudinal and Correlated Data

Survival Analysis

Bayesian Statistics

Complex Analysis


Leading to the Master of Biostatistics in 2 years. Each semester goes for 6 months.

Om Saraswathi

Saraswathi Dhevi is the Goddess of Music and Education.



Playing Carnatic Music on the IPad

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Playing Carnatic Music on the IPad

I had an awesome session singing and playing the keyboard on World Scales for the IPad. You can change the pitch of every note by cents or exactly using fractions.

I calculated the fractions for Carnatic Music using Ma Pa cycling. Check out Bala Sankhya at the following link for free:


For each Swara or note you have to double the denominator until the value of the Swara is between 1 and 2.

World Scales can use a midi keyboard but it has its own keyboard with display. Plug the iPad into external speakers using the iPad’s earphone jack. Connect the midi keyboard to a power adaptor otherwise the iPad battery will get drained.

Use the tune setting and enter all 12 fractions for each note of the keyboard. Don’t be lazy and use cents because World Scales does exact pitches.

Also use the Accordion for best results, but you can play with it.

The music sounds so beautiful and its original and pure Carnatic music from thousands of years ago.

Have fun.

Manas – Sivaaya To Destroy Evil

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Manas – Sivaaya: Prayer to destroy all evil in the universe including the evil tendencies of all souls…

Be free – By my kids

Posted by admin on March 2, 2015
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The circumstance that present to us now can always be repeated in the future if the need arises. Wrong decisions we make now can be corrected for in the future.

Wrong decisions are never permanent.

Therefore be a bit adventurous, be free and have fun. Don’t make foolish decisions, but have the freedom to take some risks in life or you will always worry about the life that never was.

Union of lovers

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To avoid hurt, trials and tribulations:

Lovers should be separated until their love is strong enough to stand the test of time.

Only lovers who have passed this test should  be able to marry and have sex.

Eternal Space and time and Eternal life of a soul.

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Space is the nothingness domain where eternal truths exist.

The problem is these eternal truths exist everywhere as they are true regardless of any which way the universe is created or any state which the universe may enter or exit.

Things are either there or not there. In the absence of things there is nothing or “space” as we call it.

That is the domain of the universe is infinite.

Time is also infinite. It had no beginning or end. Throughout all of time eternal truths are true everywhere.

By the truth if something can happen once it can happen again the following is true:
If a soul existed before then it can exist again.
Therefore souls cannot die.
Athma Mruthyunjayam

Universal prayer for all souls

Posted by admin on February 13, 2015
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Universal prayer of hope for humanity and souls in general.


All good souls Shall be





With Working senses





Souls will be free to act in a neutral or good way. They will unconditionally be provided good food, clothing, housing, education, welfare and access to health services as well as the right to enjoyable ethical work. They will be able to enjoy leisure when desired for however long they want.


All souls will be able to love any soul(s) they want in any form of relationship.


All bad souls will become good


All souls will be able to communicate with their family freely and accurately via their thoughts, mobile phones or email.



Those sharing a committed romantic relationship will be able to be together under the same roof.


By Dr Mithilesh Dronavalli

17:40 Friday 13th February 2015 Geraldton WA Australia Earth

Caring for the environment

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The universe is governed by the laws of physics modifiable by souls. Souls have choice and can think and act based on their thoughts. Souls are humans and animals. Therefore the fate of the universe can only be changed by humanity (and other species). We have to look after the universe and our home planet Earth, because only we can.

There is no such thing as God. There are souls that can make choices and influence others around your or shape the universe which does not think or have choice. By universe I mean a stone or a glass of water, ie that without the ability to make choices.

The most powerful soul was thought of as God. But different souls can be the most powerful at different times. So there is no one God. There are a collection of souls that make choices and a universe that does not think or make choices.

On choosing a career path

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The world universe doesn’t need you to do anything.

Do the work that you want, that you find interesting. As long as you can provide for your family. That’s all that matters. Some work is not more prestigious than other work. As long as it is morally acceptable all work is equal.

Take your life into your on hands.

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What ever happens in our life may not be the what is best for us. There is no correlation between what happens in our life and what is best for us. Take life into your own hands. Don’t wait for God to do things. Don’t believe in fate. The future is completely variable. Put your best effort to shape your life in the way you want. Self determination is utmost.

You can set this up if you are an Australian/New Zealand Trained Psychiatrist with FRANZCP
You can set this up slightly modified if you are a wealthy or well funded psychiatrist trained in India or an NRI trained in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand or Canada.
If you have funding instead of doing 2 days Telepsychiatry do 4 days of free clinics.
You need to have a visa to live in India.

Setting up an All purpose free fully funded Psychiatry Clinic for the poor.

2 days Telepsychiatry
2 days free psychiatry clinic
Pay cost of drugs Rs 1200 per month per person by giving away free drugs.
Do free blood tests. Buy lab test equipment for common medical and psychiatric bloods and urine.
Pay for CT One off Rs 2000 per patient
All types of outpatient psychiatry.
Adult and Child and old aged.
Need 2 part time nurses Rs 60,000 per month.
1 biochemistry operator. Rs 25,00per month
1 cleaner 20,000 Rs per month.
Rs 1 lakh per month to spend on patient drugs, patient CTs, travel expenses.
Rs 1.5 lakhs salary for myself.
6hrs a day 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:00pm
Nurses decide who needs to be seen and in what order after interviewing all present patients.
2 days Telepsychiatry earns 3.5 lakhs per month after tax to fund the clinic.
1 lakh staff per month, 1 lakh patient expenses per month, 1.5 lakhs salary per month for me and my family.
Each patient gets at least 20-30minutes.
Max Patient interview sessions from Vijayawada per week are 36 per week.
Anyone getting our free drugs or free tests will NEED to see me the psychiatrist.
Stable patients coming back to the clinic for more free drugs or scheduled regular tests do not need to be seen by me.
We will accept donations from the general public, corporate organisations and the government.
We do not accept donations from our patients or their carers.
We only accept people with first preference to below the poverty line (BPL) and Antyodaya-Extreme Poverty Line(EPL).
Those who are obviously poor without a BPL or EPL ration card will be seen as second preference, time permitting.
This is equity, helping the poor not the rich.
There will be no locking up people. Everyone will be seen in the clinic and sent home to be cared for by family or well wishers.
There will be no forcing treatment. If they don’t want the treatment, they can say no.
We will treat children, adolescents, youth, adults and old aged people.
We will treat all genders.
We will treat all castes, cultures, creeds, religions.
We will treat criminals as well.
We will keep electronic medical records for better psychiatric care and research.
Mandatory that every patient consents to use of data for deidentified confidential research purposes.
Unnecessary testing or medication will not be given out.
Underlying medical illness and surgical complications will be referred to other hospitals. Funding for such treatment will be given in a cost effective manner with respect to opportunity cost, ie the next best way to use that money.
Reliable psychiatric care will be given with honesty, sincerity, care, transparency, equity and integrity based on triage. Those who need to be seen first will be seen first based on severity of mental illness.

By Dr Mithilesh Dronavalli
Feb 8th 2015
Geraldton, WA, Australia

We suffer in life for the following reasons in my opinion from meditation and introspection:

1. Because we have a bad habit.
Solution: Repent and with firm resolution don’t ever do the bad habit again.

2. Because we need to figure something out.
Solution: Use the technique of Maharnisham
A) Meditation
B) Intuition
C) Wisdom (heart and mind together)
C) Informed Guesswork
D) Logic
E) Reasoning
F) Mathematics

3. Because we are being tested.
Solution: Meditate, pray, stay honourable, have integrity, use wisdom, most importantly stay strong. Do not vary from the path of goodness.

4. Because we need to grow or evolve.
Solution: Meditate, pray, stay honourable, have integrity, use wisdom, most importantly stay strong. Do not vary from the path of goodness.

5. Because we surrender the control of our happiness to something external which we cannot fully control.
Solution: Pray for help to your soul or to soul(s) you love. A soul contains the potential of the universe. Use Maharnisham and take decisions that lead to the object of your desire. Have ethical desires. Maintain your integrity. Love and live for your family.

6. Because we lose someone or something bad happened
While we can’t change the past, we can make up for it by changing the present and the future. While the human physical body is born, lives and perishes, the soul is eternal, love can also be eternal. If you love someone a lot your love will bring them to you. More the love the better. Souls sleep but do not die. They are eternal from their conception onwards. This is how to defeat death or the famous Mruthyun Jaya Manthra.

7. Because someone does not love us.

Keep loving them more and more and want to be with them eternally and unconditionally. They will eventually love you and want to be with you. Have patience and increase your love for them. Also increase your deservingness by doing good things and loving and living for your chosen spiritual family.

Therefore most suffering can be dealt with in order to

A dedication to my personal Saraswathi Devi

Dr Mithilesh Dronavalli Feb 7th 6pm Geraldton, WA Australia Saturday.

Comparing two or more choices

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Write the top benefits of each choice.

Write the disadvantages of each choice as advantage under the other choices

It is easier to choose this way as you are only comparing benefits.

Wisdom of God and voice of Holy Spirit

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From my introspection I believe there is a male God Ishwara and a female God Adhi Sekthi who work together to make this universe exist. Nothing occurs without their consent, yet they give a limited freedom to let’s souls have choice.

This way each soul, human being, animal, has choice within a limited range and they have to bear responsibility for that choice. Good choices and actions or punya is rewarded. A bad choice leading to a bad action is punished till that tendency is changed. This is similar to repenting our sins to gain forgiveness from God.

Some people hear voices in their head. I believes these voices are either individual souls communicating with that person. Sometimes there is a dominating and transforming voice. That is either the male Holy Spirit known as bhuthathma or the female Holy Spirit, which I shall call Kalyani. Sometimes the holy spirits try to trick us or disturb us to test us.

By this theory Male God Ishwara or Female God Adhi Sekthi SHALL NEVER SPEAK TO US. They teach wisdom through experience and creating the condition. We have to choose for ourselves and grow with independence. No one can be told what to do by God.


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True facts are either eternal or temporarily true. This statement is an eternal truth.

If it can happen once it can happen again. This statement is an eternal truth.

Maharnisham is the method of deducing the truth.

Maharnisham consists of
1. Logic
2. Mathematics, Statistics, Probability
3. Reasoning
4. Intuition and guesswork
5. Meditation

Yagnopaanishadh Maharnisham
Upanishadh-Lessons from experience
Maharnisham- Method of deducing the truth

Yagnopaanishadh Maharnisham- Discard (Burn) your lessons from experience before deducing the truth.

Logic is an eternal truth without the need for axioms. Axioms can be introduced. Axioms are assumed true without proof.

Mathematics, statistics and probability are eternal truths provided the axioms are true.

Be careful of the flaws of language when reasoning. Eg “I am a liar”

Ishtam Vedha Ishvaam Vedha
Do you like knowledge? Do you really like knowledge?
Sathyam Vedha Asathyam Ni Vedha
Truth is knowledge. Falsity is not knowledge
Yagnopaanishadh Maharnisham
Discard(burn) the lessons from experience when deducing the truth.
Atharvana Vedhaaya Namaha
This is the great teaching of the Atharvana Vedha

Atharvana means literally do not open.
Vedha in this context means knowledge, ie that which is true.
Sloka (Sanskrit Verse) is By Dr Mithilesh Dronavalli
Article By Dr Mithilesh Dronavalli

In the field of mathematics the answer to a problem is either true or false. Mathematics does not have grey zones. It is an exact and absolute science. There is nothing in the grey zone.

In statistics when measuring effect size, there is the size of the effect and the certainty of the effect. The size of the effect is calculated by a mathematical model which gives an answer based on the model. The effect size calculated is valid for the dataset it was determined from.

How likely this effect size is to be true in the general population is something mathematics has trouble dealing with. Firstly nothing is known about the general population except the dataset at hand. We don’t know if the dataset is representative of the general population, we can only assume.

However, once we make assumptions about the data coming from a certain distribution representative of the general population then we have struck gold.

Now we can make inference about the certainty of the effect size. Something that black and white mathematics could not do. We can come up with things like a P-value and model error or variability. This would have been impossible without the introduction of probability.

By introducing probability we can now comment on the statistical significance of the effect size, that is its certainty or uncertainty.

Mathematics is still used to calculate the magnitude of the effect size and for that we don’t need probability. It is the magnitude of the effect size that implies clinical significance which allows us to determine whether the effect size is large enough to be bothered about, either from the doctor’s or patient’s or caregiver’s perspective.

The certainty of this effect size once again is only calculated by the use of probability. In the absolute world of mathematics without probability, statistics cannot exists. To deal with uncertainty probability is necessary. That is to calculate statistical significance probability will always be necessary.

One can argue that the residual of the model (observed minus predicted) shows error and hence can comment about uncertainty. The truth is, you can have one observation which shows a coin toss of head and have a model that only heads come up when you toss a coin. Your model has zero error or residual but is completely wrong because it is based on one observation only.

So when can you say your model is credible. One of the factors is having enough sample size. The P-value takes into account sample size. It is true that if you increase the sample size high enough you will more or less always get a statistically significant effect size.

When this is the case we have see whether the effect size is clinically significant. I.e. are we bothered about it, does it change clinical practice. The clinical significance is derived mathematically in most models and does not rely on probability.






From Alpha to Omega the omnipotent all-powerful God

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God is the omnipotent all-powerful one. He guides our life with his invisible hand. He is not all happy and friendly. He is loving and sometimes stern. He causes our happiness and our suffering.

He wants us to grow and evolve. He wants us to find our true love and develop our spiritual family of members by our choosing. He wants us to develop all the good characteristics in us.

He wants us to learn, have fun and be happy as well as evolve through suffering. He will push us to our limit and at the same time give us infinite blessings.

There is no Devil. God is the carer and punisher all to help us grow and develop our families with our true love. Fear not his wrath. IT is for our good only.

Life is a carefully planned blessing to make us complete and allow us to grow and find true love.

All is well!!!


Good vs Evil

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From birth I have known that God is good and God is love. Shubaan Allah pyar hua Allah. God is good as he is the form of love. Then why is there suffering.

My eyes have been finally opened. God is not all powerful. He does not control the universe completely. God represents goodness and there is a force of evil known as the Devil.

God and the Devil fight one against the other and the disequilibrium is life.

To receive God’s blessing and make the most of it we need to pray. This is like filling out car with fuel. We need to channel into his grace to receive it. He takes care of us so let us help him take care of us better by letting Him into our heart. Allah mere dil me hai.

ALL that which is bad does not come from God as God is pure goodness. He is not all powerful so we need to pray to him to channel his goodness otherwise the river of goodness becomes a trickle.

Therefore for our goodness and safety we need to pray to God who continually works for our betterment. This way we can be free from the Devil’s clutches.

Suffering is never necessary if we stay in the path of God…

Allah hoo…

God exists…





The truth of God

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In the Christian tradition it is said that God and the devil are very close and that the devil was once a close angel of God. In the Hindu tradition it is more clearly spelt out that not an ant can move without the inclination of God. So when suffering happens, does God make it happen. Surely he does for there is no other and that is the truth of God.

From one angle God is the god of good and promotes goodness. From another angle he is the causer of suffering as the devil. As already stated suffering can be a good thing as it makes use realise why we suffer and how we can act differently and lets us evolve.

God makes people suffer and is also good to people so that he infact plans our life for an overall goodness. This is my humble opinion. However, I would not pray to a God who is making us suffer and being good to us at the same time.

Just like the brakes in a car there is a brake for the universe and that is the Adisekthi or female God. She in my opinion holds God back from going too far if he decides to be wicked.

I think at the end of the day who we pray to should be the soul we have in us and the collection of souls in our spiritual family. A spiritual family is a chosen group of individuals that we love and hold dear. In each one of us there is a divine spark or divine energy which can tap into a flow of energy and it is praying to our soul or the collective souls of our family that will really deliver us.

So think before you pray to God about why we suffer and you will surely think and pray differently.



Better ways to be devoted

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As God controls the universe, he is the causer of all suffering in the existence of all souls including humans and animals. There is no reason to pray to such an all-pervasive God.

There are principles in the universe worth showing devotion.

Just beneath the infallibility of mathematics or maharnisham is karma. That if we do good, good will happen to us and if we do bad, bad will happen to us.

By doing good we can get blessings from karm and this will help us.

The highest form of good is to care and love one’s chosen family in every way. By praying for our family and working towards keeping them together with you, making them safe, happy and comfortable while helping them fall in love with their ideal partners we do our duty in this reason.

By loving our partner endlessly and existing for our partner and family we do our duty in the this universe as well. This gives us endless good karma.

All the gods and avatars in the hindu pantheon are just aspects of our soul. When we pray to these gods we are shining the light of our soul through the mask that is that deity.

By praying to Vishnu we enact our soul’s power of preservation and so on…

It is  still worthwhile to pray to these deities as it a transformative experience of our soul. I am not so sure about the need to pray to the all-powerful that causes suffering in our life.




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As people live their lives and get caught up in complexities of modern living they slowly lose their brilliance and their cognition dims. They have a heavy feeling in their heart and soon they suffer and become diseased.

A simple technique taught by Sahaj Marg is to do cleaning.

One sits in meditation and imagines that all the darkness in the heart, mind and body is being sucked out through the back by a vacuum or being burnt by a flame. Soon you will feel lighter.

You can sit in meditation and clean other people as well, including your own family.

Just before you open your eyes you will feel divine vibrations of light fill the vacuum you have created.

You will feel so much better. Give it a go!

The unlimited potential of the soul

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The future is unknown. Anything can happen in the future. This is an axiom that we have to accept.

Since the future is unknown and also because anything can happen, some entities must be making it happen.

A soul is defined as that which has choice and therefore capable of action. Only a soul can cause events to happen. All animate beings are souls and also I believe the inanimate universe has its own soul. Therefore all that happens is due to souls.

Since anything can happen and that which happens is due to souls, then souls can make anything happen.

This means souls have unlimited potential and I believe all souls are unlimited in potential as they can all choose to act to cause effect.

In summary believe in yourself infinitely and know that you can achieve anything.

You can think a thought and that thought will gravitate the power in the universe to bring an effect.

Good luck,


Love Definition

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Love is not a feeling that comes and goes. Love is a feeling that we can turn on and off, but it requires a lot of effort to maintain forever. The environment, circumstances and object of our love influences our decision to love, but ultimately it is within our control.

We have to work on our love to make it grow. As it grows we will get fulfilment from it. There are stages of love and there is ultimate love:
When we are willing to wait forever for our love!
When we are willing to love that special someone forever!
When we are willing to love that special someone no matter what!
When we are willing to commit to an everlasting togetherness!
When we are willing to care, respect and listen to(not obey, but listen to) them always!
When we want to see that they are safe, happy and comfortable!
When we are willing to temporarily sacrifice our happiness for theirs!
When we can see into their hearts and understand their troubles immediately!
When we cherish every moment we are together with them!

That is love!!!
Yehi hai pyar!!!
Idhi ye prema
Intha Aakirathu Kaadhal

Divine Mother vs Devil

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From my meditation and experiences I believe there is no single all pervasive, omnipotent God. Why then would he let people suffer? To evolve is not a necessary thing as God can just present us the fruits of evolution without suffering as he is supposedly all powerful. A God that wants our best wished and a God who is love would not let people suffer.

My alternate proposal is that God is not all powerful and is not in all things. God is only goodness and love and nothing but love. Shubhaan Allah Pyar Hua Allah. God is good as he is the form of love. However he is not all powerful. He fights with the devil and our lives are influenced by this conflict. I like to think of this God of Love as the Divine Mother who is good through and through, merciful and always takes care of her children.

So why then do bad things happen and why do people suffer? It is the action of the Devil, who wants to test us and is sometime just pure evil. It wants us to face hardships.

How can we use this information to better our lives? We should meditate on the Divine Mother or God or what ever you call it and allow the force of good and love to flow and develop so that it strengthens us. We should form a family filled with members chosen by use who we love dearly. We should care for such a family and do as much as we can for them. We shoud find our true love and be with them, while looking after them for ever.

By doing good deeds we get blessings from the Divine Mother and this will protects us from the devil. The highest good deed is to love your partner and love your family while taking care of them and be with them.

We are not powerless against the devil. We can fight back. The human mind has unlimited potential. When we are wronged we can use our will power from meditation to torture the devil.

But the best way is to fall in love and take care of your partner and chosen family.

Also the devil can harass you by speaking to you, misleading you and putting you on the wrong path. The divine mother does not communicate to you as she may be misinterpreted, but always sends her love.

All the best,

May the divine Mother protect you,





The God of Best Wishes vs The God of Goodness

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If the Allmighty God is defined as below:

  • I believe my God has my best interests at heart always and only my best interests at heart and none others.
  • I believe my God has infinite wisdom and thereby allowing it know what my best interests are.
  • I believe my God has infinite power to do all of these things.

Then he will do good to us when our best interests need goodness and he will make us suffer when our best interests are to evolve. By this definition God in his wisdom can make us suffer if we need to evolve. His treatment of us will not differ by whether we pray to him or not.

I believe we should direct our prayers to the Divine Mother who is always good and full of love. She best reflects Shubhaan Allah Pyar Hua Allah, i.e. God is good as he is the form of love. The Divine Mother may not control everything like Allmighty God but she is pure beneficent love and can only take care of us with all the love we need.

While Allmighty God contains the whole universe with its good and evil, the Divine Mother only contains goodness and love. While Allmighty God can punish us and make  us suffer to evolve, the Divine Mother can only be compassionate and kind and look after us with motherly noursihment.

I pray to the Divine Mother and I name her as Kalyani which means marriage…

Is there a higher God?

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There is no God, but God. Who is this God and what is the highest form of God?

Some see God as Guru, our spiritual guide who will keep us safe and progressing on the spiritual path. Truly there is a limit to the efficacy of Guru for a Guru is only another human-being. Yet our devotion makes our Guru next to God. It is similar in the case of the prophets and wise men.

Others worship deities, avatars etc.. but they are at best filters placed on God. When God’s divine current goes through these filters you will receive the blessings of that filter’s domain. Eg Lakshmi for wealth. But will you keep praying to the many deities when one needs blessings in every aspect of life.

The there is the omnipotent omnipresent God. My best definition of this omnipresent God thus far is that God is love. Shubhaan Allah Pyaar Hua Allah, God is Good as he is the form of love. Since God is always love and only love, he is always good and does what is best for me and only me, whether I pray to him or not.

For as there is the all mighty there is the individual soul which contains the all mighty. Believing in our soul is just like praying to the All mighty God as our soul is a reflection of that God.

Then yet there is a higher God and in my research the highest God I have found thus far. This God is the collection of souls that I have chosen as my family. For since I love my family dearly and I hope to one day love them infinitely, what can be more divine than my family that I care for so…

The selfless act of caring for my family and praying for my family is beyond divinity and the cause of creation. This unconditional love is God for God is love and only goodness can arise from it.

I pray that my family is always together.

I pray that my family members fall in love.

I pray that my family always cares for each other.

I pray that my family is always safe.

I pray that my family is always happy.

I pray that my family is always comfortable.

Always for my family…

Praying to the soul and Soul to Soul love

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Praying to my soul

I believe to pray to God is unnecessary because he will always do what is best for us regardless of our prayers.

Our spiritual energy is best put to use in other ways.

If our soul was created from God’s soul then as God has infinite power so must our souls have infinite power. Yet we have forgotten how to use this infinite power.

Our prayers should be directed at the infinite energy that is our soul. In this universe each soul is an infinite line centred on our body and its heart. This infinite line spreads both ways eternally and that is what is meant by the lingam, the eternal line.

As the soul has infinite energy to utilise in it a general way we can meditate and ask it of our desires. For particular desires we can propriate particular deities such as Saraswathi.

By propriating Saraswathi we put the Saraswathi filter on our soul and the energy that springs out can be used for music or education. This is similar for all the Hindhu pantheon.

Therefore we are praying to our soul to act in such a way to bless us for our goals and wishes.


To be with your beloved

One particular example that should be bought to light is when we desire to be with our beloved. To be with my beloved my soul has to love my beloved’s soul more and more till we are together and one. The force of love is greater than any power in this universe. It is God’s infinite love for us that give him eternal power and wisdom to take care of us. It is my love for my beloved and my family that brings us together and gives me the power to take care of my family in a special way.

Pray to your soul

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Hindhuism has created portfolios for deities and devas such as preservation or destruction or music and education. It has assigned these portfolios to human souls.

If that human soul is no longer deserving of that portfolio it will switch to another human soul automatically. While a soul is responsible for a portfolio, he or she does not have to make every decision for that portfolio, but needs to act as a role model for that portfolio. Similarly that soul cannot grant wishes on behalf of that portfolio, but can only give blessings so that with our determination and further prayers we can achieve our desires.

When we say Om Lakshmi and pray for wealth, the more we pray for it, the more wealth will come. This is because we are using the energy of our soul to enact the desire for more wealth. The soul who is a lakshmi avathaar may represent the ideals of Lakshmi, eg sustenance or profitability. She may meet us in real life and smile, but it is our ongoing prayers and efforts that actualises the wealth arriving.

Another thing, God does not answer our prayers unless they are best for us. That which is best for us He does for us regardless of our prayers. our prayers then are ideally answered by our soul, our athma which has unlimited potential power. Our prayers actualise the infinite power of our soul to bring forth anything we want or need.

Therefore have faith in yourself and the power of your soul. Dont be fooled by avathaars. There is no need to pray to God, for God will only give you whats best for you regardless of whether you pray to God or not. Pray to your Self, pray to your soul, pray to you Athma (all three are the same). All souls are equal and have infinite potential.

All the best,

My God is my family

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As God may be,
for God will be…
Is there any else?
other than the
omnipresent God.

The God who has no choice
but to be good
for God is only good as
God is the form of love.

The God who is good to us
regardless of our prayers.
I believe needs not our prayers.

Then who is my God,
the God to whom I pray.
My God to me is all
that I hold dear to my heart.

My God is my chosen family.
The collection of souls
that I call my family
is the oneness of God,
beyond which nothing
exists in this universe.


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TO BE HELD 02/02/2012

Relationship status:

Date of Admission:



Current Information:

He has (self presented/mht/police) after experiencing (symptoms) in the context of (trigger: noncompliance/drug abuse/stress/other).

He has (x) years history of diagnosis and (x) previous admissions. Over that time he has had (perpetuating factors) for his illness and he has been treated with (specific treatments: depos/cto/clozapene/ect).

At admission he was (positive findings from his ms). He was treated with (medication) during this admission. This has led to (signs of improvement). However, he still has (current psychopathology). Because of that we think he would need additional (x) weeks of hospitalization in order to achieve further improvement in his mental state and allow us to discharge this patient with continual outpatient treatment.

Dr Mithilesh Dronavalli
Psychiatry Registrar
Paringa Unit

Psychiatric Formulation

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5 p’s plus plan and prognosis

Bps model


Dont use the p word in formulation and make it look sophisticated

Psychiatry uses syndromes not disease

Individual, experience, social background

Bio known organic presumed organic genetic

Social experience

Explain why this person developed this syndrome at this time

Explanatory hypotheses or speculation

Bringing together the evidence in a sophisticated way

Explore issues or hunches and support these with evidence.

Lay psychodynamics are permissible

Social and cultural dimension

Family systems

To build repoirre

What this case highlights

Bring the evidence together and be selective about the evidence or the links use

Shaiva Manthras – to destroy bad forever

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Shaiva Manthras – to destroy bad forever…


Linghashtakam – the infinite line.


brahmamurāri surārcita liṅgaṃ

nirmalabhāsita śobhita liṅgam |

janmaja duḥkha vināśaka liṅgaṃ

tat-praṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam || 1 ||


devamuni pravarārcita liṅgaṃ

kāmadahana karuṇākara liṅgam |

rāvaṇa darpa vināśana liṅgaṃ

tat-praṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam || 2 ||


sarva sugandha sulepita liṅgaṃ

buddhi vivardhana kāraṇa liṅgam |

siddha surāsura vandita liṅgaṃ

tat-praṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam || 3 ||


kanaka mahāmaṇi bhūṣita liṅgaṃ

phaṇipati veṣṭita śobhita liṅgam |

dakṣa suyaṅña nināśana liṅgaṃ

tat-praṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam || 4 ||


kuṅkuma candana lepita liṅgaṃ

paṅkaja hāra suśobhita liṅgam |

sañcita pāpa vināśana liṅgaṃ

tat-praṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam || 5 ||


devagaṇārcita sevita liṅgaṃ

bhāvai-rbhaktibhireva ca liṅgam |

dinakara koṭi prabhākara liṅgaṃ

tat-praṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam || 6 ||


aṣṭadaḷopariveṣṭita liṅgaṃ

sarvasamudbhava kāraṇa liṅgam |

aṣṭadaridra vināśana liṅgaṃ

tat-praṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam || 7 ||


suraguru suravara pūjita liṅgaṃ

suravana puṣpa sadārcita liṅgam |

parātparaṃ paramātmaka liṅgaṃ

tat-praṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam || 8 ||


liṅgāṣṭakamidaṃ puṇyaṃ yaḥ paṭheśśiva sannidhau |

śivalokamavāpnoti śivena saha modate ||


Nagendra haraya – the one adorned with the serpent necklace…


Nagendra haraya Trilochanaya,

Basmanga ragaya maheswaraya,

Nithyaya shudhaya digambaraya,

Tasmai nakaraya namashivaya. 1


My salutations to the letter ‘Na’ , which is Shiva,

Who wears as garland the king of snakes.

Who has three eyes,

Who wears ash all over Him,

Who is the greatest Lord,

Who is forever,

Who is the cleanest,

And who wears the directions themselves as dress.


Mandakini salila chandana charchithaya,

Nandeeswara pramadha nadha maheswaraya,

Mandara pushpa bahu pushpa supoojithaya,

Tasmai makaraya namashivaya. 2


My salutations to the letter ‘Ma’ , which is Shiva,

Who is bathed by waters of Ganga,

Who applies sandalpaste all over him,

Who has Lord Nandi as his chieftain,

Who is the greatest lord,

And who is worshipped by Mandhara and many other flowers.


Shivaaya gowri vadanara vinda,

Sooryaya daksha dwara naasakaya,

Sri neela kantaya vrisha dwajaya,

Tasmai sikaraya namashivaya. 3


My salutations to the letter ‘Si’ , which is Shiva,

Who is peace personified,

Who is like Sun to the Lotus face of Gowri,

Who destroyed the fire sacrifice of Daksha,

Who has a blue neck,

And who has a bull in his flag.


Vasishta kumbhodhbhava gowthamadhi.

Munendra devarchitha shekaraya,

Chandrarka vaiswanara lochanaya,

Tasmai vakaraya namashivaya 4


My salutations to the letter ‘Va’ , which is Shiva,

Who is worshipped by great sages like

Vasishta, Agasthya and Gowthama,

As also the devas,

And who has sun, moon and fire as his three eyes.


Yaksha swaroopaya jada dharaya,

Pinaka hasthathaya sanathanaya,

Divyaya devaaya digambaraya,

Tasmai yakaraya namashivaya. 5


My salutations to the letter ‘Ya’ , which is Shiva,

Who takes the form of Yaksha,

Who has a tufted hair,

Who is armed with spear,

Who is forever filled with peace,

Who is godly,

Who is the great God,

And who wears the directions themselves as dress.



Panchaksharamidham punyam,

Ya padeth Shiva sannidhou,

Shivaloka mavapnothi,

Shive na saha modathe .


Those who read these holy five letters great,

In the temple of Shiva,.

Would go to the world of Shiva,

And be forever happy with Him.


Shivashtakam – Calling Lord Shiva


prabhuṃ prāṇanāthaṃ vibhuṃ viśvanāthaṃ jagannātha nāthaṃ sadānanda bhājām |

bhavadbhavya bhūteśvaraṃ bhūtanāthaṃ, śivaṃ śaṅkaraṃ śambhu mīśānamīḍe || 1 ||


gaḷe ruṇḍamālaṃ tanau sarpajālaṃ mahākāla kālaṃ gaṇeśādi pālam |

jaṭājūṭa gaṅgottaraṅgai rviśālaṃ, śivaṃ śaṅkaraṃ śambhu mīśānamīḍe || 2||


mudāmākaraṃ maṇḍanaṃ maṇḍayantaṃ mahā maṇḍalaṃ bhasma bhūṣādharaṃ tam |

anādiṃ hyapāraṃ mahā mohamāraṃ, śivaṃ śaṅkaraṃ śambhu mīśānamīḍe || 3 ||


vaṭādho nivāsaṃ mahāṭṭāṭṭahāsaṃ mahāpāpa nāśaṃ sadā suprakāśam |

girīśaṃ gaṇeśaṃ sureśaṃ maheśaṃ, śivaṃ śaṅkaraṃ śambhu mīśānamīḍe || 4 ||


girīndrātmajā saṅgṛhītārdhadehaṃ girau saṃsthitaṃ sarvadāpanna geham |

parabrahma brahmādibhir-vandyamānaṃ, śivaṃ śaṅkaraṃ śambhu mīśānamīḍe || 5 ||


kapālaṃ triśūlaṃ karābhyāṃ dadhānaṃ padāmbhoja namrāya kāmaṃ dadānam |

balīvardhamānaṃ surāṇāṃ pradhānaṃ, śivaṃ śaṅkaraṃ śambhu mīśānamīḍe || 6 ||


śaraccandra gātraṃ gaṇānandapātraṃ trinetraṃ pavitraṃ dhaneśasya mitram |

aparṇā kaḷatraṃ sadā saccaritraṃ, śivaṃ śaṅkaraṃ śambhu mīśānamīḍe || 7 ||


haraṃ sarpahāraṃ citā bhūvihāraṃ bhavaṃ vedasāraṃ sadā nirvikāraṃ|

śmaśāne vasantaṃ manojaṃ dahantaṃ, śivaṃ śaṅkaraṃ śambhu mīśānamīḍe || 8 ||


svayaṃ yaḥ prabhāte naraśśūla pāṇe paṭhet stotraratnaṃ tvihaprāpyaratnam |

suputraṃ sudhānyaṃ sumitraṃ kaḷatraṃ vicitraissamārādhya mokṣaṃ prayāti ||



Aygiri Nandhini to Dhurga Dhevi, destroyer of evil and the cause of evil thoughts and behaviour…


Ayi girinandini nanditamedini visvavinodini nandinute |

Girivaravindhya shirodhinivasini vishnuvilasini jisnunute |

Bhagavati he shitikanthakutumbini bhoorikutumbini bhoorikrute |

Jaya jaya he mahishasuramardhini ramyakapardini shailasute ||



Suravaravarshini durdharadharshini durmukhamarshini harsharate |

Tribhuvanaposhini sha.nkaratoshini kilbishamoshini ghosharate |

Danujaniroshini ditisutaroshini durmadashoshini sindhusute |

Jaya jaya he mahishasuramardhini ramyakapardini shailasute ||


Ayi jagadamba madamba kadambavanapriyavasini hasarate |

Shikharishiromani tungahimalaya shringanijalaya madhyagate |

Madhumadhure madhukaitabhaganjini kaitabhabhanjini rasarate |

Jaya jaya he mahishasuramardhini ramyakapardini shailasute ||


Ayi shatakhanda vikhanditarunda vitunditashunda gajadhipate |

Ripugajaganda vidaranachanda parakramashunda mrigadhipate |

Nijabhujadanda nipatitakhanda vipatitamunda bhatadhipate |

Jaya jaya he mahishasuramardhini ramyakapardini shailasute ||


Ayi ranadurmadashatruvadhodita durdharanirjara shaktibhrute |

Chaturavicharadhurinamahasiva dutakrita pramathadhipate |

Duritadurihadurashayadurmati danavaduta krutantamate |

Jaya jaya he mahishasuramardhini ramyakapardini shailasute ||


Ayi sharanagata vairivadhuvara viravarabhayadayakare |

Tribhuvanamastaka shulavirodhishirodhikritamala shulakare |

Dumidumitamara dundubhinada mahomukharikrita tigmakare |

Jaya jaya he mahishasuramardhini ramyakapardini shailasute ||



Ayi nijahunkriti matranirakrita dhumravilochana dhumrashate |

Samravishoshita shonitabeeja samudbhavashonita bijalate |

Shivashivashumbhani shumbhamahahavatarpita bhutapishacharate |

Jaya jaya he mahishasuramardhini ramyakapardini shailasute ||



Dhanuranusangaranakshanasanga parishphuradanga natatkatake |

Kanakapishanga prishatkanishanga rasadbhatasringa hatabatuke |

Krutachaturanga balakshitiranga ghatadbahuranga ratadbatuke |

Jaya jaya he mahishasuramardhini ramyakapardini shailasute ||


Jaya jaya japyajaye jayashabda parastutitatatpara vishvanute |

Jhana jhana jhinjhimijhinkritanoopura sinjitamohita bhootapate |

Natita natardhanatinatanayaka natitanatyasuganarate |

Jaya jaya he mahishasuramardhini ramyakapardini shailasute ||



Ayi sumanah sumanah sumanah sumanoharakantiyute |

Shrita rajani rajani rajani rajani rajanikaravakravrute |

Sunayanavibhra marabhra marabhra marabhra marabhra maradhipate|

Jaya jaya he mahishasuramardhini ramyakapardini shailasute ||


Sahitamahahava mallamatallika mallitarallaka mallarate |

Virachitavallika pallikamallika shrillikabhillika vargavrute |

Sita kruta phullisamullasitakruntallaja pallavasallalite |

Jaya jaya he mahishasuramardhini ramyakapardini shailasute ||


Aviralaganda galanmadamedura mattamatangajarajapate |

Tribhuvana bhooshana bhootakalanidhi roopapayonidhirajasute |

Ayi sudatijanalalasamanasa mohanamanmatharajasute |

Jaya jaya he mahishasuramardhini ramyakapardini shailasute ||



Kamaladalamalakomala kantikalakalitamala bhalatale |

Sakalavilasakalanilayakrama kelichalatkala hamsakule |

Alikulasankula kuvalayamandala maulimiladbakulalikule |

Jaya jaya he mahishasuramardhini ramyakapardini shailasute ||



Karamuralirava vijita koojita lajjita kokila manjumate |

Militapulinda manoharagunjita ranjitashailanikunjagate |

Nijagunabhoota mahashabarigana sadgunasambhruta kelitale |

Jaya jaya he mahishasuramardhini ramyakapardini shailasute ||


Katitatapitadukoolavichitra mayookhatiraskrita chandraruche|

Pranatasurasura maulimanisphuradamshulasannakha chandraruche|

Jitakanakachala maulipadorjita nirbharakunjara kumbhakuche |

Jaya jaya he mahishasuramardhini ramyakapardini shailasute ||


Vijitasahasra karaikasahasra karaikasahasra karaikanute |

Krutasurataraka sangarataraka sangarataraka soonusute |

Surathasamadhi samanasamadhi samadhi samadhi sujatarate |

Jaya jaya he mahishasuramardhini ramyakapardini shailasute ||


Padakamalam karunanilaye varivasyati yonudinam sashive |

Ayi kamale kamalanilaye kamalanilayah sakatham na bhavet |

Tava padameva param padamityanushilayato mama kim na shive |

Jaya jaya he mahishasuramardhini ramyakapardini shailasute ||



Kanakalasatkala sindhujalairanusinchinute gunarangabhuvam |

Bhajati sa kim na sachikuchakumbha tatiparirambha sukhanubhavam |

Tava charanam sharanam karavani natamaravani nivasisivam |

Jaya jaya he mahishasuramardhini ramyakapardini shailasute ||



Tava vimalendukulam vadanendum alam sakalam nanu koolayate |

Kimu puruhoota purindumukhisumukhibhirasau vimukhikriyate |

Mama tu matam sivanamadhane bhavati kripaya kimuta kriyate |

Jaya jaya he mahishasuramardhini ramyakapardini shailasute ||


Ayi mayi dinadayalutaya krupayaiva tvaya bhavitavyamume |

Ayi jagato janani krupayasi yathasi tathanumitasitare |

Yaduchitamatra bhavatyurarikrutadurutapa mapakrurute |

Jaya jaya he mahishasuramardhini ramyakapardini shailasute ||

These are prayers to be recited for a happy married life and for good things to happen.


1. Kowsalya supraja Rama poorva sandhya prabhastathe

Uthishta narashardoola karthavyam daiva mandhikam


2. Uthishto Dhishta Govinda uthishta garudadhwaja

Uthishta kamala kantha thrilokyam mangalam kuru


3. Mathassamasta jagatham madukaita bhare

Vakshoviharini manohara divya moorthe

Sree swamini srithajana priya danaseele

Sree Venkatesha dayithe thava suprabhatham


4. Thava suprabhatham aravinda lochane

Bhavathu prasanna mukha chandra mandale

Vidhisankarendra vanitha bhirarchithe

Vrishasaila natha dhayithe daya nidhe


5. Athryadhi saptha rushayssa mupasya sandyam

Aakasa sindhu kamalani manoharani

Aadaya padhayuga marchayithum prapanna

Seshadrisekha ravibho Thava suprabhatham


6. Panchananabja bhava shanmukavasavadhya

Tryvikramadhi charitham vibhudhasthuvanthi

Bhashapathipatathi vasara shuddhi marath

Seshadri sekha ravibho thava subrabhatham


7. Eeshathprapulla saraseeruha narikela

Phoogadrumadi sumanohara Balikanam

Aavaathi manda manilassaha divya gandhai

Seshadri sheka ravibho thava suprabhatham


8. Unmeelya nethra yugamuththama panjarasthaa

Paathraa vasishta kadhaleephala payasani

Bhukthvaa saleelamatha keli sukha patanthi

Seshadri sekha ravibho thava suprabhatham


9. Thanthreeprakarsha madhuraswanaya vipanchyaa

Gayathyanantha charitham thava naradopi

Bhashasamagrama sakruthkara sara rammyam

Seshadri sekha ravibho thava suprabhatham


10. Brunga valeecha makaranda rashanuvidda

Jhankara geetha ninadaissyaha sevanaya

Niryathyupaantha sarasee kamalolaredhyaha

Seshadri sekha ravibho thava suprabhatham


11. Yoshaganena varadhadni vimathyamaane

Ghoshalayeshu dhadhimanthana theevraghoshaaha

Roshaathkalim vibhu-dhathe kakubhascha kumbhaha

Seshadri sekha ravibho thava suprabhatham


12. Padmeshamithra sathapathra kathaalivargha

Harthum shriyam kuvalayasya nijanga Lakshmya

Bheree ninadamiva bibrathi theevranadam

Seshadri sekhara vibho thava suprabhatham


13. Sreemannabheeshta varadhakhila lookabandho

Sree Sreenivasa Jagadekadayaika sindho

Sree devathagruha bhujanthara divyamurthe

Sree Venkatachalapathe thava suprabhatham


14. Sree swamini pushkarinikaplava nirmalangaa

Sreyorthino hara viranchi sanadadhyaha

Dware vasanthi varavethra hathothamangaha

Sree Venkatachalapathe thava suprabhatham


15. Sree seshasaila garudachala venkatadri

Narayanadri vrishabhadri vrishadri mukhyam

Akhyam thvadeeya vasatheranisam vadanthi

Sree Venkatachalapathe thava suprabhatham


16. Sevaaparaashiva suresa krusanudharma

Rakshombhunantha pavamana dhanadhi nathaha

Bhaddanjali pravilasannija seersha deSaha

Sree Venkatachalapathe thava suprabhatham


17. Dhateeshuthevihagaraja mrugadhiraja

Nagadhiraja gajaraja hayadhirajaha

Swaswadhikara mahimadhika marthayanthe

Sree Venkatachalapathe thava suprabhatham


18. Sooryendhubhouma bhudhavakpathi kavya soori

Swarbhanukethu divishathparishathpradanaa

Twaddhasa dasa charamavadhidaasa daasaha

Sree Venkatachalapathe thava suprabhatham


19. Thwathpadadhulibharita spurithothha maangaha

Swargapavarga nirapeksha nijantharanga

Kalpagamakalanaya kulatham labhanthe

Sree Venkatachalapathe thava suprabhatham


20. Thvadgopuragra sikharani nireekshmana

Swargapavarga padaveem paramam shrayantha

Marthyaa manushyabhuvane mathimashrayanthe

Sree Venkatachalapathe thava Suprabhatham


21. Sree bhoominayaka dayadhi guna mmruthabdhe

Devadideva jagadeka saranya moorthe

Sreemannanantha garudadi bhirarchithangre

Sree Venkatachalapathe thava suprabhatham


22. Sree Padmanabha Purushothama Vasudeva

Vaikunta Madhava Janardhana chakrapane

Sree vathsachinha saranagatha parijatha

Sree Venkatachalapathe thava suprabhatham


23. Kandarpa darpa hara sundara divya murthe

Kanthaa kuchamburuha kutmialola drishte

Kalyana nirmala gunakara divyakeerthe

Sree Venkatachalapathe thava suprabhatham


24. Meenakruthe kamatakola Nrusimha varnin

Swamin parashvatha thapodana Ramachandra

Seshamsharama simhanandana kalki roopa

Sree Venkatachalapathe thava suprabhatham


25. Elaa lavanga ghanasaara sugandhi theertham

Divyam viyath sarithi hemaghateshu poornam

Drutwadhya vaidika sikhamanaya prahrushta

Thishtanthi Venkatapathe thava suprabhatham


26. Bhaswanudethi vikachani saroruhani

Sampoorayanthi ninadai kakubho vihangha

Sree vaishnavassathatha marthitha mangalasthe

Dhamasrayanthi thava Venkata subrabhatham


27. Bhramadayasuravara samaharshayastthe

Santhassa nandana mukhavathsava yogivarya

Dhamanthike thavahi mangala vasthu hasthaa

Sree Venkatachalapathe thava suprabhatham


28. Lakshminivasa niravadya gunaika sindo

Samsarasagara samuthkaranaika setho

Vedanta vedya nijavaibhava bhakta bhogya

Sree Venkatachalapathe thava suprabhatham


29. lthvam vrasaachala paramaina suprabhatham

Ye manava prathidinam pathithum pravartha

Thesham prabhatha samaye smruthirangabhhajam

Pragnyam paraartha sulabham paramam plasoothe



(1) KamalA-kucha-chUchuka-kumkumathO

niyathAruNithaaruna nIlatanO !

KamalAyacha-lochana !LOkapthE !

Vijayee bhava ! VenkatasailapathE !



(2) sachadhurmukha shaNmukha panchamukha

pramukAkhila dhaivatha mouLimaNE !

SaraNAgathavathsala ! SaaranidhE !

ParipAlaya maam VrushasailapathE !


(3) athivElathayA thava dhurvishai-

ranuvEla kruthair-aparAdha sathai:

bharitham thvaritham VrushasailapathE

parayaa krupayaa paripaahi HarE !



(4) adhivEnkata saila mudhAramathEr

janathAbhi mataadhika dhAnarathAth

ParadEvathayA gadhithAn nigamai:

KamalaadayithAn na param kalayE



(5) kalavENu ravAvasa gOpavadhU

SathakODi vruthAth smarakODi samath

prathi vallavikAbhi mathAth sukhadhAth

VasudEva suthAn na param kalayE



(6) abhirAma guNAkara ! dhAsarathE!

jagdhEka dhanurdhara ! dheeramathE !

RaghunAyaka! Raama! RamEsa! VibhO !

varadhO Bhava ! Deva! dayA-jaladhE !



(7) avanI tanayA kamaneeya karam

rajanIkara chAru mukhAmbhu ruham

rajanichara rAja tamO mihiram

mahanIyam aham RaghurAma mayE



(8) sumukham suhrudham sulabham sughadham

svanujam cha sukAya mamOgha-saram

apahAya Raghudhvaja ham mahayam

na katchana kanchana jaathu bhajE



(9) vinA VenkatEsam na NaathO na Naatha:

SadhA Venkatesam smarAmi smarAmi

HarE! VenkatEsa ! Praseedha Praseedha

Priyam Venkatesa ! Prayaccha Prayaccha !



(10) aham dhUratas thE padhAmbhOja yugma

prNaameya chaayaa Aagasthya sEvAm karOmi

sakruthsEvayA nithya sEvA phalam thvam

prayaccha prayaccha PrabhO VenkatEsa



(11) agnyaninA mayA dOshAn

sEshAn vihithAn HarE !

Kshamasva Thvam Kshamasva thvam

Seshasaila SikhAmaNE





(1) IshAnAm jagathOsya Venkatapather- VishNO: parAm PrEyasIm

Tadh vakshalsthala nithyavaasa rasikAm- tathkshAnthi samvardhinIm I

PadhmAlankrutha paaNi pallava yugAM-PadmAsanasthAm Sriyam

VaathsalyAdhi-guNojvalAm BhagavathIm-VandhE Jaganmaatharam II




(2) Srimann KrupaajalanidhE krutha SarvalOka

Sarvagnya Saktha Nathavathsala sarvasEshin I

Swaminn Suseela SulabhAsritha Paarijatha

Sri VenkatEsa CharaNou SaraNam prapadhyE




(3) aanUpurArpitha sujAtha sugandhi pushpa-

sourabhya sourabhakarou samasannivEsou I

soumyou sadhAnu bhavanEapi navaanubhAvyow

Sri VenkatEsa ChaaraNou SaraNam PrapadhyE II



(4) sadhyO vikAsi samudhithvara saandhrarAga-

sourabhya nirbhara sarOruha saamyavArthAm I

samyakshu saahasapadhEshu vilEkhayanthou

Sri VenkatEsa CharaNou SaraNam prapadhyE II



(5) RekhAmaya dhvaja sudhA kalasaatapatra

vajraankusaambhuruha kalpaka sankha chakrai: I

bhavairalankrutha talou paratathvachihnai:

Sri Venkatsa charanou SaraNam prapadhyE II



(6) thAm rOdhara dhyuthi parAjitha Padma Raagou

baahyair mahObira bhibhUtha mahEndra neelou I

udhyannakhAm subhi rudhastha sasAnga bhAshow

Sri VenkatEsa charanou SaraNam prapadhyE



(7) saprEmabheethi Kamalaa kara pallavAbhyAm

samvAhanaepi sathpadhi klamaana maadhou I

kaaanthA vavaanga manasaara gOchara soukumAryou

Sri VenaktEsa charaNou SaraNam prapadhyE II




(8) LakshmI mahI tadhanurUpa nijAnubhAva-

NeeLAdhi dhivya mahishI kara pallavAnAm I

aaruNya samkraNamatha: kila saandhrarAgou

Sri VenaktEsa charaNou SaraNm prapadhyE II



9) nithyAnamaadh Vidhi SivAdhi KirIDa kODi

prathyuptha deeptha navarathnamaha: parOhai: I

nIraajanA vidhim udhAramu pAdhadhAnou

Sri VenkatEsa charnou SaraNam prapadhyE II



(10) VishNO: padhE parama ithyudhitha prasamsou

yauv madhva uthsa ithi bhOgyatayA api upAtthou I

bhUyasThaThEthi tava paaNitala prathishtou

Sri VenkatEsa CharaNou SaraNam prapadhyE II



(11) PaarthAya thath sadrusha sAraThinha thvayayaiva

yau darshithou svacharaNou saraNam vrajEthi I

bhUyOpi mahyamiha thE karadarshithou thau

Sri VenkatEsa charaNou saraNam prapadhyE II




(12) manmUrdhni KaaLiyaphaNE vikaDADavIshu

Sri VenkaDAdhri sikharE sirasi sruthinAm I

chitthEpyananya manasAmsa mamAhithou thE

Sri VenkatEsa charaNou SaraNam prapadhyE II




(13) amlAna hrushya dhavaneetala keerNa pushpou

Sri VenkaDAdhri sikharaabharaNaayamAnou I

aanandhidaakhila manO nayanou tavaithou

SrivEnkatEsa charaNou saraNam prapadhyE II




(14) prAya prapanna janathA prathamAvagAhyou

maathrustha nAnAniva sishO; amruthAya maanou

prApthou paraspara thulA mathulAntharou thE

Sri VenkatEsa charanou SaraNam prapadhyE




(15) satthvOttharais satata sEvya paadhAmbhujEna

samsAra taaraka dayArdhra dhruganjalEna

soumyOpayanthru muninA mama darsithou thE

Sri VenkatEsa charaNou SaraNam prapadhyE




(16) Srisa SriyA gatikayA thvadhupAyabhAvE

prApyE thvayi svayamupEyatayA spuranthyA

nithyAsrithAya niravdhyaguNAya thubhyam

kinkarO vrushagirIsa na jaathu mahyam


 Sree Venkatesaaya Mangalam


(1) Sriya: KaanthAya KalyANa NidhayEarthinAm
Sri VenkatanivAsAya SrinivAsAya MangaLam


(2) LakshmI-savibhramaalOka subhrU-vibhrama chakshushE
ChakshushE sarvalOkAnAm VenkatEsAya mangaLam


(3) SrivenakatAdhri SrungAgra MangaLAbharaNaangrayE
MangaLAnAm-nivAsaya SrinivAsAya mangaLam


(4) Sarvaavayava soundharya sampadhA sarva-chEthasAm
SadhA sammOhanAyAsthu VenkatEsAya mangaLam


(5) NithyAya NiravadhyAya sathyAnantha-chidhAthmanE
SarvantharAthmanE Sri VenkatEsAya MangaLam


(6) Svathas sarvavidhE sarvasakthayE sarvasEshiNE
SulabhAya SuseelAya VenkatEsAya MangaLam


(7) Parasmai BrahmaNE poorNakaamAya ParamAthmanE
prayunjE paratatthvAya VenkatEsAya mangaLam


(8) AkAla tatthvam-asrAntham aathmAnam anupasyathAm
athrupthyAmrutha -roopAya VenkatEsAya MangaLam


(9) PrAya: svacharaNou pumsAm SaraNyathvEna paaNinA
krupayA disathE Sri VenaktEsAya MangaLam


(10) DayAmrutha tarangiNyAs-tarangair iva seethaLa:
apAngais sinjathE visvam VenkatEsAya MangaLam


(11) Srag-bhUshaNaambara -hEthinAm sushumAvahamoorthayE
sarvArthi-samanAyAsthu VenkatEsAya MangaLam


(12) Srivaikunta-virakthAya SvAmi PushkaraNI-thatE
RamayA ramamANAya VenkatEsAya MangaLam


(13) Srimath Sundara-jaamAthru muni maanasa-vaasinE
Sarvaloka nivAsAya SrinivAsaaya MangaLam


(14) MangaLAsAsana-parair-madhAchArya -purOgamai:
sarvaisccha poorvair-AachAryai:sathkruthAyAsthu MangaLam



Based on scriptural details and astrological calculations:

Lord Ram was born on the noon of January10 in the year 5114 BC

The date of Krishna’s birth, known as Janmashtami, is 18 July 3228 BC and departed on 3102 BC.

Eternal Truth – Atharvanam

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The opposite of a lie is truth. Truth is either true for an interval of time or it is eternally true like mathematics and this statement.

What you should tell your children!!!…

  1. Do what you want!!!
  2. Don’t act, be yourself!!!
  3. Have fun!!!
  4. Learn about love and consider loving!!!
  5. Only have sex with your partner in marriage with her/his  and your consent…
  6. Keep your kiss special…
  7. Your children are only by your own choosing…

Holistic Psychotherapy – by Dr Mithilesh Dronavalli 

Patient approaches you for psychotherapy.

You choose to accept.

Patient chooses to accept.

Lay out the rule:

You have to meet each other face to face and commence a psychotherapy session.

If you don’t meet each other and commence a psychotherapy session for a month then therapy is over and you a re no longer my patient.

Psychotherapy session has a start time and a stop time. Start psychotherapy and stop psychotherapy. Psychotherapist start’s and stop’s session.


During the session:

  1. There shall be no physical violence.
  2. There shall be no sexually inappropriate behaviour towards the patient.
  3. You should not have bad intentions for the patients.
  4. If you have bad intentions then you must cease therapy.
  5. If you feel unable to continue the session you should stop.
  6. If they are your patient and they come face to face and they ask for psychotherapy you should give psychotherapy if you have the time and are capable of giving psychotherapy.


During the session, some suggestions are :


Have fun with the patient.

Play music together.

Find out whats wrong.

Delve deep into the issue.

Think of a way to fix it.

Fix it.

Offer revolutionary advice.

Give homework for next session.

Pray for the patient

Transmit to the patient’s soul

Clean the Patient’s soul


Improve the patients cognitive abilities (maharnisham)

  1.  Reason with patient
  2. Teach the patient logic
  3. Teach the patient math
  4. Teach the patient how to meditate
  5. Teach the patient how to get pure intuition.
  6. Teach the patient about teaching and learning

Improve the patients wisdom.

  1. Teach the patient about love
  2. Teach the patient about marriage
  3. Teach the patient about helping others
  4. Teach the patient about healing
  5. Teach the patient about kindness
  6. Teach the patient about caring
  7. Teach the patient about happiness

Improve the patients ethics or morals

  1. Teach the patient about sex
  2. Teach the patient about truth
  3. Teach the patient about theft
  4. Teach the patient about violence
  5. Teach the patient about war
  6. Teach the patient about conning and illusion

Improve the patients about self-sufficiency

  1. Teach the patient about wealth
  2. Teach the patient about behaviour
  3. Teach the patient how to full-fill own needs and the needs of others they care about.

Improve the patients aspiration and inspiration

  1. Discover what it is that drives the patient.
  2. Make sure this is a worthy inspiration for the patient.
  3. Help them achieve it.

May God who is love bless you…

Demographic data

1.    Name                                                

2.    Age

3.    Religion                                 

4.    Race

5.    Marital status

6.    Education

7.    Housing

Presenting complaint

History of the presenting complaint

Personal history

1.    Birth and early development

2.    Family

3.    School

4.    Employment

      5.    Sexual,

6.    Reproductive,

7.    Cohabitation

Past medical and psychiatric history

Family medical and psychiatric history


1.    History

2.    Patient’s view

3.    Interview

4.    Informants



1.    Motivation

2.    Apathy

3.    Will

Severely apathetic

No evidence of apathy

Highly motivated


Mental state examination

Appearance and Behaviour

1.    Appearance

2.    Behaviour



1.     Articulation


2.     Speed Pressure

3.     Pitch



1.     Depression

2.     Elation

3.     Irritability

4.     Anxiety

5.     etc.

6.     Subjective experience

7.     Objective findings



1.     Appropriate

2.     Flat

3.     Inappropriate

4.     Labile



1.    Form

a.     Derailment

b.     Flight

c.     Incoherence

d.     Neologism

e.     Block

f.      Perseveration

g.     Echolalia

h.     Poverty of thought

i.      Poverty of content

j.      Illogicality


2.    Content

a.     Delusions

b.     Obsessions

c.     Compulsions

d.     Phobias

e.     Hypochondria

f.      Suicidal thoughts

g.     Homicidal thoughts


3.    Perception

a.     Depersonalisation

b.     Derealisation

c.     Delusional mood

d.     Heightened perceptions

e.     Changed perceptions

f.      Hallucinations

g.     Illusions



Interview performance consistent with history




1.     Memory

a.     Short term

b.     recent

c.     remote


2.     Orientation

a.     Time

b.     place

c.     person


3.     Attention

a.     Subtraction

b.     reversing


4.     Other cognitive functions

a.     Language

b.     skilled movement

c.     apraxia

d.     recognition of stimuli and

e.     agnosia


MMSE             Short Term Recall:



1.     Comfortable

2.     unconstrained

3.     mutually accepting interaction




1.    Non-psychotic

2.    Psychotic

3.    Aware of phenomena

4.    Aware of illness

5.    Accepting treatment



Summary of main findings

Working diagnosis








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In order to redeem yourself or forgive yourself know the following:

God is love

Your soul came from God who is love.

Love is good.

From goodness only good can come.

Therefore you are essentially good.

Pray to God who is love in order to forgive yourself.

OR go and love someone, something or the universe

FOR love or your loving will forgive you always…

Conclusion: Love forgives all, loving earns forgiveness and redemption.

Advice: Love her more…

Wife Greater than God

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Love your Wife more…

A proof of why your wife is greater than God.

I believe I must define my God for myself.

  1. I believe my God has my best interests at heart always and only my best interests at heart and none others.
  2. I believe my God has the wisdom to know what my best interests are.
  3. I believe my God has infinite power to do all of these things.
  4. I believe my God listens to my prayers.
  5. I believe my God will help me live happily ever after.
  6. I believe my God will help me find my partner and children.
  7. I believe my God will help me marry my partner.
  8. I believe my God will help my family to live together happily ever after…


I believe love is the highest power and wisdom in the universe.

If I love my wife unlimitedly, then my wife will have the highest power and wisdom in the universe.

If I love my wife her heart will swell and she will have my best interests at heart and only mine and none other.


Therefore Because I love my wife infinitely:


  1. I believe my wife has my best interests at heart always and only my best interests at heart and none others.
  2. I believe my wife has the wisdom to know what my best interests are.
  3. I believe my wife has infinite power to do all of these things.
  4. I believe my wife listens to my prayers.
  5. I believe my wife will help me live happily ever after.
  6. I believe my wife will help my family to live together happily ever after.

I will have a wonderful life by the God I believe in,

but I will have a wonderful life and lovely story with the girl that is my wife

forevermore as long as I love her infinitely.

To my future wife that I will love infinitely…

Kalki’s Tools

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Kalki chakra – removes soul from body.

Kalki thrishula – infinitely painful torture.

Kalki Kadgam – Cuts through illusion.

Kalki Senku – Confuses.

Kalki premaa bhaanam. bow and arrow – puts people in love.

Kalki kavacha shield – defensive layer around body. Keeps Kalki safe.

Kalki gadhdha – pushes people and objects away.

Kalki Akshaya Pathra – for unlimited food and water.

Kalki Jataayu vaahan – transport for unlimited passenger, anywhere, instantly

Kalki Money bag dhana sanchi – unlimited wealth.

For your family to survive.
For your family to be safe.
To be happy with you love, and your family.
To enjoy learning and practising your skills.
To have all sorts of comforts.
For wishes 1 – 5 to happen to your family.
For wishes 1 – 6 to happen in your country.
For wishes 1-7 to happen everywhere.

Pasoonam Pathim

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I think this is the most powerful manthra in the universe. It is everything, cause, creation, everything…

Its meaning is learnt as you go along in life.

Pathim is partner. Pasoonam is what you must discover. How do you feel about your partner? Is it pasoonam?

Do you love your partner? Are you attracted to your partner? Are you crazy about your partner? Will you protect your partner? Will you earn wealth for your partner? What will you do for your partner?

How will you care for your partner? Will you buy her jewelry? Will you get her pretty clothes? Will you wine and dine her? Will you give her chocolates or perfume? Will you write her poetry?

Will you always speak the truth to her? Will you be chaste for her? Will you be kind to her? What will you do for your partner?

All the above are PaSoOnAm.

What makes you do all these things for her?

Is it because you love her?

Is it because you like being with her?

Is it because you trust her?

Is it because she cares for you? Is it because she loves you? Is it because she depends on you as you depend on her?

It better be damn worth it, if you are giving her pasoonam!!!

Good luck and pasoonam pathim…







Love is the great seducer…

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Love makes one beautiful beyond imagination. It makes you desirable to your beloved. You start to look so stunning that your beloved falls for you so hard.

Other people start thinking your beautiful, but it is loves test that you must be dedicated to your beloved for that is the wonder of love.

It is not just your looks. Your personality and everything about you changes. It is your love for your beloved that makes her fall deeply and madly in love with you.

If she says no to you, it’s because you don’t love her enough, simple as that…

Meaning of life.

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When you love someone so much, that you want to be with them forever, you are unilaterally married to them.

The next step is to try and be with them forever.

You should also aim for them to love you so much, that they be with you forever.

Then you’ve pretty much solved life and you will always be happy, for this is the meaning of life.

The real Vishnu Avathaars

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From my research of the Vishnu avathaars I believe those who truly are to be defined as Vishnu avathaars are as below: (you might have your own opinion)

Naarasimha for protecting devotees and children and keeping devotion sacred.

Parasuraama for protecting the weak from bullies and for keeping all people equal, whether they are kings, priests or peasants.

Raama, the great glorious one, for believing in the truth and integrity and most importantly for fighting for his beloved. He is truly the greatest of the Vishnu avathaars, sacred be his name, sacred be SitaRam…

Krishna, who was sent to rid the earth of evil. The one who punishes the bad and saves the good as lord Kalki, the one who sheds light on marriage as the Kalyana moorthy, lord Venkateswara.

I see no others befitting the title of Vishnu Avathaara

This is my opinion only…

Love and the Good and Bad.

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Shiva is the lord of destruction. Shivam is synonymous with destruction. As Vishnu is in all that is good and preserves that goodness, Shiva is in all that is bad and destroys that bad.

It is in this way that Shiva and Vishnu work together to preserve good and destroy evil. Dhustha Sikshana Sista Rakshna, i.e. “I shall punish the bad and save the good” is what Krishna has said in the Gita. Therefore Krishna is none but the combination of Shiva and Vishnu. This dual action of Shiva and Vishnu is what is needed for love to flow. Love is none other than Brahma.

Brahma or love is the single God that all monotheistic religions pray to. It is love that is Allah, it is love that is Yehua, it is love that is Brahma. Love is the one magnificent and only God that all religions speak of.

It is this Love that assumes the role of the protector as Vishnu and the destroyer as Shiva.

As Krishna took the role of saving the good and defeating the bad, we must all do the same. For Krishna is a soul, just like the rest of us and we must all take our responsibilities in this universe created by love. We must choose to love, help the good and at least not practise bad actions. By bad, it does not mean breaking the law or lying or something mundane like that.

Bad is the evil that destroys love and corrupt pure love. Bad is what separates true lovers. Bad is rape. Bad is violence that harms the good or the innocent. Bad misleads the good and the innocent into becoming bad.

To defeat bad, we must first be good, choose to love and love with a strength and purity that will prevail. We must protect and preserve goodness like Vishnu and we should not let bad thrive like Shiva. We should not be deceived by bad and we should not let others deceive good people and innocent people in bad ways.

We must be steadfast in our goodness and let others be good as well. Only then will good prevail over evil and the universe become an utopia.

All the best,


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Viswam Vishnur

All is Vishnu. Vishnu is the preserver. All which currently exists in the universe or in the thoughts or feeling of souls which currently exist, has been preserved till now. Since the force of preservation allows any and all to exists, therefore in all there is Vishnu. Viswam Vishnur.

Note all that is evil and exists currently has Vishnu prevailing in it for now and all that is good and exists also has Vishnu prevailing in it now.

This leads us to the next question. Why does Vishnu allow evil to exist, since if the spirit of Vishnu left the evil being than that evil would cease to exist.

I am still pondering over this question. Even the West asks why does God (or Vishnu) permit evil to exist. This question I cannot answer.

Surely it is not evolution that requires the existence of evil to test us, for this Universe is not that cruel.

If it is a battle between Good and Evil, maybe Vishnu prevails in preserving good and only good and that which preserves evil is another mechanism, which is not Vishnu?

Maybe Viswam in Viswam Vishnur is all that is good, rather than all.

As even Lord Krishna states in the Gita that I preserve good and destroy evil. Krishna is noted as an avathaar of Vishnu.

Finally Viswam Vishnur means Vishnu prevails in all that is good and preserves it.






Meditation and Samskara or Waste

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As we live our life we accumulate spiritual waste that makes us feel heavy and fogs our mind. It leads us to become depressed or moody or just not ourselves.

Sometimes meditating on particular concept repeatedly makes impressions worse and makes our condition worse.

A work around this that I conceptualised is as follows. We should imagine we are receiving a divine current of love from God or those we love coming into our heart. We should then allow  the current to flow through out our heart out of our back carrying with it all our waste, impressions or samskaras. That way receive love as a divine blessing and the same love clears all our waste at the same time.

This removes the need for separate meditations for cleaning ourself and receiving love or transmission.

Hope this helps.




To earn for an eternity

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When will the world learn:

– the true way to earn is to learn and research

– to practice the sacred art of poetry, music and dance

  • to develop the mind in the ways of true philosophy
  • to learn and research the true principles and laws of life.
  • to develop the skill of healing others woes through conversation.
  • to learn the enchanting wonders of mathematics, reasoning, pure intuition logic and meditation ( collectively known as maharnisham).


For that which is true is real.

For that skill which projects beauty is real.

For the way we should lead life is worthy of our thought.

For when we care for others with kindness, God cares for us most.

For that which discriminates truth from illusion is wonderful.

For if I am to live an eternity what should I do but the following:


Sciences: Mathematics/Statistics

Arts: Meditation/Philosophy/Law/Psychotherapy

Fine Arts: Poetry/Music/Dance


to love the wonder that sustains my perpetuation, my true love….

Hindhuism Research

God is the force of good and only good. In God exists only. In the universe, that which is good is God and that which is not good is not God. Therefore God is not everywhere.

God is good and God is love for love is all that is good. I take back my previous comments that state God is everywhere.

There is evil and good in the universe as there is God and the Devil. It is unknown why the Devil came to existence or why evil exists, but truly there is good and there is evil as that can be seen in the universe around us.

From the one God of Love who is Ishwara or as you name it there come the many forces of God, known as the substrates. They are for example Saraswathi the Godess of music and education. These are referred to as functionaries.

Functionaries do not take human form but their energy may be strong in certain humans and these are the avatars.

For example Rama is a Vishnu Avataar, as Vishnu is the preserver and Rama came to preserve that which is sacred, that which is family.

Prayer for Karthika Pournami 2012

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Prayer for Karthika Pournami


The heartfelt prayer:


  1. To fall in love.
  2. To marry my love
  3. To be with my love
  4. To be happy together
  5. That the above may happen for my spiritual family.
  6. That the above may happen for all souls (loka kalyanam)



Secret to being together

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If I love you then either I live with you or want to live with you and

You make a condition x that has to be met for you to be with me,

Then i can either

A) satisfy condition x
B) convince you to change condition x to condition y and satisfy condition y
C) convince you to forget about condition x

I can never let circumstances happen where you may leave me, even if your absence is temporary.

There is no such concept as we will separate now for a better tomorrow. There is no sacrifice of togetherness in love, nor can there be…

By Mit

Psychiatric Formulation

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5 p’s plus plan and prognosis

Bps model


Dont use the p word in formulation and make it look sophisticated

Psychiatry uses syndromes not disease

Individual, experience, social background

Bio known organic presumed organic genetic

Social experience

Explain why this person developed this syndrome at this time

Explanatory hypotheses or speculation

Bringing together the evidence in a sophisticated way

Explore issues or hunches and support these with evidence.

Lay psychodynamics are permissible

Social and cultural dimension

Family systems

To build repoirre

What this case highlights

Bring the evidence together and be selective about the evidence or the links use

For ganesha on vinaya chowthi 2012

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Vinayak chowthi is the festival of ganesha the half elephant god. He is the god of skill and sport.

Vinaya chowthi is today and i composed this for him.


Om ganeshaya namaha

Om vigneswaraaye namaha

Om vinayaka namaha

Great is Ganesha

Om ganadhipathaye namaha.

To him is attached fame.

Om vidhyaadhi pathaye namha

To him is attached skill.

Om kalaadhi pathaye namaha

To him is attached talent.

Om gnyanadhi pathaye namha

To him is attached wisdom.

Om sulabhapathaye namha.

To him is attached simplicity.

Om yuvathaadhi pathaye namha.

He cares for the young.

Om sanmargadhipatheye namaha

To him his attached the way of righteousness.

Siva sakthi puthra
Sakala kalaathra
Sampurna hrudhaya
Sanmarga srikaraa

The son of Siva and Sakthi
In him is the ultimate talent
He is the pure hearted one
That shows the way of righteousness

Namaami vinayaka namaha

Great is lord ganesha


Prema Prardhana. Prayer of love

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Prema Prardhana. Prayer of love.

I pray to

1) find my true love.

2) love my true love.

3) be with my true love.

4) get my marriage recognised with my true love by the prevailing law and hence society.

I then pray these four factors happen for all in my chosen nuclear family.

I then pray these four factors happen for all souls in the universe.

This is my prayer of love.

This is my prayer to love.

True knowledge

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Atharvana veda chant by Mithilesh Dronavalli

Ishtam veda ishvaam veda

Satyam veda asatya ni veda

Yagnyopaanishad maharnisham

Atharvana vedaya namah



Do you like knowledge?

Do you really like knowledge?

Truth is knowledge.

False is not knowledge.

Yagnyopanishad: Do not be biased by your experience or the teachings/advice of others.

(Literal: put your experiences and advice in the fire or reasoning to clear your thoughts).

Maharnishiam: Look to mathematics, logic, reasoning and pure intuition for the answer.

This is the great secret of knowledge that is unopened.

This way (yagnyopanishad mahrnisham) is the way to unopen true knowledge.

Modified Buddhist Philosophy

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I believe the central tenets of Buddhism that I chose to adopt are as follows:

Morality: Below are the moral principles I choose to adopt:

a)    Follow the principle of love then marriage then sex in that order.

b)   Care for your chosen children, real close family members and friends.

c)    Do not be cruel to other souls, unless you are trying to change them for the better.

d)   Try to be kind and helpful to others and yourself often.

e)    Carry out some thinking, feeling and actions for the good of the universe.

f)     Try to make love grow in the universe.



a)    Learn to meditate

b)   Develop the skill of meditation

c)    Develop new ways to meditate

d)   Apply meditation to your problems, desires so that you may reap solutions.

e)    Learn about the context we live in i.e. Learn reality.

f)     Internally evaluate through meditation, other people’s inference on reality to develop your own understanding of reality.

g)    Accept that we could go in the wrong direction regarding reality and note that God will show us the correct direction gently or harshly depending on what is needed. Take this correction as a blessing that puts you back on the path to reality.

h)   Reality is the wisdom of truth and is deduced by meditation that brings about pure intuition, reasoning, logic and mathematics. These tools are collectively referred to maharnisham and the wisdom of truth is gnyanam.



Istham Vedha Ishvaam Vedha

Satyam Vedha Asathya Ni Vedha

Yagnyopanishad Maharnisham

Gnyanam prasannnaha

Vedham prasannaha

Atharvana Vedhaya Namaha

By Mithilesh


Do you like knowledge? Do you really like knowledge?

Truth is knowledge. Falsity is not knowedge.

Dont be biased by your experiences and  adivice or teaching of others (apply the fire of reasoning to burn of the bias).

Use Maharnisham

Maharnisham: Meditation that leads to pure intuition, reasoning, logic and mathematics.

This will give you the wisdom of truth.

This will give you knowledge.

Great is the knowledge that is not opened.



Suffering arises from ignorance. Ignorance leads to maya, where we are deceived, as we do not know the truth.

We suffer, as we mourn the death of a loved one, yet we do not know that we can maintain contact with the loved one by meditation and we may even be with them in another life.

We suffer, as we fear our own death, but we die when the time is right so that our soul can inhabit another body that is more fit for our evolution.

We suffer, as we are separated from our love, yet we do not that this separation makes true love stronger.

We suffer, as we desire material wants, when we do not know that the happiness gained is only fleeting.

We suffer, when we are sick, but we forget that our soul is rejuvenating or evolving for a stronger tomorrow or our soul is ready to enter another body where we may evolve further.

We may suffer in life when we are on the wrong path with wrong habits as it is God’s attempt to change us.

We mainly suffer in life so that this suffering leads to evolution of our soul. Remember that we also suffer at the hands of evil and there is no reason for this. Good struggles over evil and there are casualties in this conflict. The casualties of this conflict are part of our suffering as well. For this we need to pray to God and that which or whom we love, for God is love and only love and that is all that is good in this universe.


1)   Know that the first and foremost desire is to be with the one we love and develop our love for them in a loving secure marriage. This is always valid.

2)   The second desire is to love and care for our chosen family, children and close real friends.

Suffering can arise when we have conflicting desires, so we must remember statement 1) always as our most important desire.

By Dr Mithilesh Dronavalli


I believe the following factors impact on health and well being, i.e. people feeling good about themselves.

Inspired from a keynote session at the Population Health Congress 2012 Adelaide by the editor in chief of the Lancet Dr Richard Horton

Health and well being arises from

Personal Choice

And the interactions of the following themes:

1. Genetic Risk

2. Environment, population, global warming, planetary health

3. Diet

4. Exercise, Activity, Screen Time, Sedentary Lifestyle

5. Spirituality, psychology, Mental Health and Mental Healthcare

6. Negative Lifestyle choices (illicit drugs, alcohol and smoking)

7. Comorbidities and Medical Care

8. Gender Related Issues, breast, ovarian, prostate cancer, marriage, intimate relationship, pregnancy, sexual violence, contraception, family and child care.

9. Infectious disease and Hygiene

10. Socio-Economic Status

11. Social culture, government and law

12. Migration

13. War, international relations and conflict

Not in that order…

Love currency

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Wanting to be with the one you love is like going to the shop to buy chocolates.

Its not enough to want a particular chocolate, you have to be able to pay for it.

You have to do good things to get good karma points aka punya to pay for it.

Even though love is between you and your partner, it exists in this universe “the shop” and so you have to pay the shopkeeper, who is God. God is love.


If you seek the truth, ask for it…

you may find it.

you may find out who you ask..

I suggest asking God, who is love, by meditation and prayer and doing good things.

The truth will reveal itself sooner and clearer if you want the truth more.


Thankyou my friend…




  1. Exclusively love and care and respect and be kind to and heal them as a partner (actually send them love when they are near and far)
  2. Exclusively be romantic with your partner (when they are near or far) – romance is the epic symobilisation of love.
  3. Do good things and ask for rewards to be used to strengthen your partnership with your partner.
  4. Use your heart and mind, more than needed, to strengthen the partnership
  5. Believe in what you believe is right and don’t be swayed by what actually happens.
    1. There is a perfect way of loving and follow that.
    2. Often you have to rediscover the perfect way of loving.
    3. This way of loving does not change depending on the partner or the circumstance or family or another variable.
  6. Remember to care for yourself in this long battle for love.
    1. Remember a wounded soldier finds it difficult to fight
      1. as a wounded heart finds it difficult to love.
  7. When you are down remember the magical moments of your love story.
  8. The one you love is defined as such:
    1. The only one you would ever marry or have sex with.
      1. No matter what happens
        1. but remember you chose when and how it happens.
  9. Love is a one-sided concept.
    1. You love your partner regardless of what they do or whether they love you.
    2. One of the aims of love is to get you partner to do the same (love you no matter what you do).
      1. This could take time and this trying while waiting is commitment.
  10. Never use physical violence.
  11. Increase the magnitude of desire to be together by meditating on her name or the name you assign for her and remember her.
  12. Be determined with a schema, so that you don’t become a casualty.
  13. You must want the best for partnership in the long-term.
  14. Be actively patient.
  15. Believe that there will be a happily ever after and love towards it.
  16. evolve
  17. try to make your partner evolve.
    1. so she understands love, dating, marriage

Love: A feeling that grows inside you that can be transmitted to your partner. Partnerly love is love for your partner in the spirit of a conjugal relationship between husband and wife.


Dating: Enchanting you parter so that she learns to love you back just as intensely.


Marriage: Promising to keep that feeling going and make that feeling grow while being faithful to your wife. After marriage sex between you and your partner as possible.


Remember after marriage, dating and love continues.


The goal of marriage is to date and love your wife forever whilst being faithful.


To continue the marriage:

  1. Cherish your partner:
  2. Cherish your marriage.
  3. Love, care, heal, respect and cherish you children.
  4. Work, Feel and think towards

Prema nirantharam – make your love last forever

Kalyanam nirantharam – make your dating last forever

Mangalyam nirantharam – make your marriage last forever.


5. Put your children on the path of the good and aid them in search for their ideal partners.

6. Do good, care for others, help and heal others.

7. Don’t expect anything from your partner at all.

Spiritual Protection

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You may love and marry your wife. She may love and marry you.

She could get into trouble, some one may try to harm her using violence, abuse, rape etc..

You may not always be there to protect her.

The best way to protect her always is to love her more.

Love is infinite. Passing love from you to your wife is measured as a rate. The rate of love transfer is finite but infinitely expandable.

God is all powerful. Love is God. Love is all powerful. Love does not know defeat. Maximising love, maximises power to protect your wife.

This works to any relation you are protecting.

Maximising the rate of love is a magical process, which requires commitment, sincerity and integrity, concern of the other’s welfare and a desire to make the relationship enchanting.

Personality is the reasoning we develop consciously in our existence to help us make decisions. Personality is by definition in our control, and can be changed by altering what we value and believe, our goals, our philosophy and thought processes.

External interactions are made up of communications with others and situations we experience as we exist in the universe around us. External interactions can be viewed and interpreted differently by our personality but we only have partial control over how these interactions influence us. God decides on our external interactions in order to develop our souls. Another way of looking at this is that our innate survival instinct demands that we evolve by presenting us with events of interaction to answer the adage of evolution as survival of the fittest.

Emotion is what arises from our external interactions and personality combining or clashing to present us with a feeling or condition that we experience. Emotion can be from external interaction that we may not realize is there. This explains depression when there is no cause to be depressed. Since external interaction has a divine purpose for our self-development, emotion, an effect of external interaction, is also a necessary experience for us. Nothing happens without reason, and that which happens was meant to happen. Whatever happens, it is up to us and our personality to interpret these events so that it may further shape our personality and improve the way we make decisions and live our lives.

How God modulates our lives.

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I have been considering this question for a long time. Is our destiny fixed, and do we just march to God’s tune without any independence and free will? Is our life just a story that was written at the dawn of time, that we can only read in retrospect, i.e., that which we label the past.

I propose a theory that those who have a soul have choice and are responsible for their actions. Conversely, those that have choice have a soul, and are responsible for their actions. If our story is fixed, then we do not have choice, nor should we bear the consequences of our actions.

My theory is that as we become independent, we make our own choices and choose our own path. God along the way influences our decisions while still preserving our free will.

God influences our decisions in many ways.. Sometimes there are factors beyond our control in our life, and these are controlled by God. These elements pay an important role in decision making while still preserving our free will. Also, God influences us by setting up life-changing moments that provide us with a new found goal to strive for. It is up to us whether we accept this inspiration and whether we choose to follow it.

Personally I had such an inspiration when I was 4, and I was having my deformed nail surgically removed. I saw doctors in white coats going around from patient to patient on a ward round, asking how they were, and it was touching. It was touching because these highly educated and trained individuals were showing such empathy towards normal human beings,  putting their ego aside. That image is imprinted in my brain and is what drove me to enter medical school and get a medical degree despite all the hurdles I faced.

But not everything is solely under God’s control.  As we carry on with our daily duties, we get tired. Lethargy cannot be fixed by rest and food alone. The soul needs to be fed. This spiritual energy is obtained by doing good things, loving those near and dear to you and remembering God and those you love.

We can even influence those random events that are supposedly not in our control by making a humble and loving submission to God. God hears our prayers and answers those prayers which are best for our development.

It is the interaction of God and human life that writes our destiny. I will be so bold to say that there is no randomness that influences us, and our lives are the result of humanity and the divine interacting; the jeevathma (individual soul or human or animal) and the paramathma (omnipresent soul or God).

I ask that those being troubled by the way their life is unfolding should make an earnest prayer to God, do good service and love and remember those that are dear to them. Their lives will inevitably change. Om Ishwara.

An offering of my quotes.

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  • God is Love.
  • Do Good, Punyam is wealth.
  • Suffering is for our development.
  • Truth is knowledge.
  • Maths is perfection.
  • We live to Love !
  • Spiritual families are by choice and are real.
  • The Devil harasses us for our own good.
  • Life is magical and always for your own good.
  • Love at first sight is real and can last forever.
  • Marriage is the union of two souls forever.
  • Meditate to increase Love!
  • Pray for the universe as well!
  • Develop a soul connection with your wife.
  • Walk hand in hand with your wife till the end of time.
  • Love leads to happiness.
  • Have faith in the power of love. True love will prevail as God is Love.
  • We must work hard, but all happens for our good only. Have faith in God!
  • Believe in The God that is Love. Accept what comes in life as a gift from God, who is love.

Achieving desires beyond our control

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Sometimes we work very hard to achieve that which is often beyond our control. We wander aimlessly do this and that in order to achieve something which we think is nearly impossible.

The following concept was given to be by my guru Babuji Maharaj.

I believe in order to achieve something we have little control over we should increase our deservingness. We often get what we deserve and if we want to get something exceptionally difficult we have to increase our deservingness.

To do this we must do that which we can to help others. Sometimes you have to be in a clear and positive mind to help others and this requires meditation. Sometimes you can do service and this helps a lot. Anything which we have to put our efforts wholeheartedly works well. Donating to charity money that is not hard earned does very little, if that’s all you do.

The deeper concept in this situation is to realise that the universe is within us. To make the universe a better place we can make ourself better through character development and meditation.

We can pray to God that by our prayer the universe becomes a better place. Our prayer is special and very powerful. Our prayer makes us a better person and increases our deservingness.

Also god is love so becoming a more loving individual will increase our deservingness. We can do this by showing compassion to our fellow individuals, loving our family members dearly and developing spiritual families.

A spiritual family involves choosing souls from the universe, often with whom you’ve had a closer interaction. Once you have a group of members in your spiritual family you should love them and they become closer than your own family. This act of compassion will increase your deservingness enormously and bring great joy to your life.

Dr Mithilesh Dronavalli

Believing in yourself

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I believe that in this world we have to develop our judgment. The only way to do that is to make mistakes and learn from them. Of course you can learn from the teaching of others, but in the end of the day you have to evaluate that information and follow it only if you feel that it is correct.

Then, questions are raised whether you should follow what your family or partner or even guru say blindly. I humbly but strongly believe that you can listen to what all have to say, but this advice has to be critically evaluated before you follow it.

For example, your partner may love you and mean the best for you, but they may have been unknowingly influenced by another and are acting as a conduit of the advice of others. This means that although they mean well, they may not be acting in your best interest.

The only way you will develop confidence in your own abilities is to believe in yourself and make your own decisions.

True people say you should follow what God says, but God does not speak, for God is only love. Praying to God will refine your judgment and allow you to make good decisions for yourself in life.


Dr Mithilesh Dronavalli


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Like is a feeling and maybe purely a feeling. In Telugu it is ishtam, in Hindi it is ishq.

However, love is more than just a feeling. True, the pangs in your heart are from the feeling of love. The strong happy feeling of euphoria when you are with the one you love is also part of the feeling of love. But there is more to love than just the above. Love, like the atom, has different particles which are required for the completeness of the atom.

Love requires truth and trust. Those in love should always want the best for their partner. They should always be honest to each other, otherwise love weakens. This is because love comes from the heart, which needs the truth and trust to survive. Love is not about mind games or fancy lies.

While love can be lost and created, love is not fleeting. Love is for the long term and should ideally be eternal, but we all make mistakes so love does not have to be permanent.

In the partnership of love, one should see each other as the highest and beyond all else. Your partner and, of course, your own best interest should be place first and foremost. Soon you will find that both your interests become streamlined.

You should not worried about the opinion of others and only look out for what is best for the partnership. Your partner should feel the same way.

When you are together with your partner in the early stages, you should exercise caution to make sure they are truly in love with you. Once this is confirmed, there is no turning back. In today’s Kali yuga where injustice, evil and lies predominate, it is paramount that you are completely satisfied with your partner’s love before you commit. Do not get taken for a ride or hoodwinked.

Love also implies a responsibility to care for your partner as if they are your own family member.

It is this responsibility, feeling of love, trust, honesty, making the partnership first preference that forms real love and a lasting partnership. Be sure to test your partner out before you invest heavily in a relationship.

All the best,

Mithilesh Dronavalli

God is love (continued)

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The force that binds and keeps all particles together in the universe is God, for he is the divine glue and that glue is only love. Thus biological, physical and chemical and psychological force that binds is God and only love.

It is love that is in every particle of this universe. For love has attraction and that is the binding force. It’s what brings two people together and also what keeps the universe together. Those trying to reach God can do so by learning to love and developing their love.

This is best done by exploring and finding your ideal partner, and loving them eternally with all your heart, whilst caring for your family and friends and where your compassion takes you.

All the best in your search for love and God, for they are one!

God is love

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It is wonderful to know that love throughout the universe always takes the form of God. That which is in every particle in the universe and keeps the universe together is God, and God is only love.

Every being feels love and God, but they are the one and the same.

This once again shows the need for a direct connection with God through love. There should be no middle men or pyramid systems keeping you from God. That would be like having a middle man to talk to your partner.

Being one with your partner – niranthara janta

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My thoughts from meditation led me to construct this hypothesis.

God created the universe and souls were formed in pairs. A pair of souls have such an attraction that their existence is interwoven forever. This is the concept of niranthara janta or eternal pairing,

Like the double helix, each strand of the souls twirl around each other, only the distance between them widens and shortens. Happiness for these souls is maximised is when they are at harmony and together.

The strength of their polarity pushes all others away and keeps the pair together. They are true soulmates and it is only one to one like sita rama.

When we meet our eternal partner, we are filled with a sense of magic, excitement and happiness. Every moment is etched in our memories and these moments are what keeps us alive when we are apart.

After finding our partner, we should pray and plan to be together forever. Until we find our partner, we should pray to find them.

Once we are confident that we have found our eternal partner we need to commit and take the next step.

To maximise our happiness, we must be together with our eternal partner. We can use secrets of raja yoga to attain oneness with our partner.

The principles are as below

Love should be spontaneous

Develop trust

Believe in the magic

Meditate with the thought that the two souls should be together

This is done with the aim of merging the two souls. This way, separation of distance, caste, creed

etc. will be of no importance.

A second idea is that the partnership of souls should be one with God.

Merging the two souls is on the path to realizing oneness with God.

This I will call sarva manglayeshu dhari. It will bring you real happiness eternally. I guarantee it 😉