In sanskrit if God were to have a name it would be Ishwara, but to describe God as only the giver of wishes is incorrect and far from the wonderful truth.

From the upanishads in this universe, there is only matter and spirit, as in a human body, there is only matter (flesh) and spirit (soul). Both matter is real and spirit is real and to deny either one is to live in maya.

God pervades through every infinitesimal particle in the universe and is the collective consciousness that Jung talks about. He is all, both matter and space. In the stone, there is God and in the heart of a human, there is God.

When humans realise that they are not separate from the universe and that they are connected, their suffering will end for they will not perceive suffering as theirs anymore.

The fallacies of maya and illusion arise when humans see themselves as separate to God. Those that think we are on the path towards merging into God are also technically incorrect. For God is everywhere eternally, it is just in our perception that we think we are separate to God.